Thinking of Remodeling Your Home? Success is All in the Planning!

Divine Home InteriorsWith the high prices and limited availability of homes in the Oakville – Greater Toronto area, many people are looking to renovate or expand their current homes rather than go through the arduous, and often expensive, task of selling their home and moving. Many Oakville homes in neighborhoods including Southwest Oakville, Morrison, Ford area, Joshua Creek, Glen Abbey and other older areas, have outdated decor or interior layouts that are no longer working for the current occupants’ needs.

Since home values have risen so high, savvy homeowners want to protect their investments by keeping their home well maintained and up-to-date.  This may include remodeling the interior, adding on an extension or finishing the basement.  Hiring an experienced Oakville interior designer can help you make the most of the space in your home, while ensuring you avoid costly mistakes.

One of Oakville’s highest rated interior decorating companies, Divine Home, now offers professional interior design solutions.  Before you get started with expensive construction, you can view realistic 3-D renderings that will help you visualize what your renovations will look like when they are completed.  Once you are completely satisfied with the design, layout and colors, they can provide specification sheets for your general contractor to follow.

Oakville interior designerIf you don’t have a general contractor or are too busy/too intimidated to take over the project, then Divine Home offers Renovation Project Management services.  They work with skilled trades people and professionals to ensure the work is done to the highest standards.  They work with you to set a budget and timeline, so you can feel confident undertaking any home remodeling projects – from a simple bathroom renovation to a complete second floor addition.

Call Divine Home to book a consultation at 905-466-2503 or learn more about their services at  They also do interior decorating and home staging services.

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Own a Home in Vaughan With the Best Mortgage Rate and Options!

Vaughan Mortgage TorontoThere are many wonderful neighborhoods in the Greater Toronto Area to call home, and Vaughan is one of them. Located just north of Toronto, Vaughan boasts some of the fastest development, both in residential and commercial industries. With so many vairedactivities and amenities in Vaughan, you could literally live, work and play in this city without having to commute elsewhere! It truly is an ideal place to buy a home.

Getting a Mortgage to Secure Your Vaughan Area Home

When you’re on the lookout for a home north of Toronto, look to the experts at Mortgage Medics to help you secure a Vaughan mortgage. Whether you’re looking for a mortgage to buy your first home, or are thinking of moving into another home, Claire Drage and her team at Mortgage Medics can make it happen for you. Even if you’re not sure what type of mortgage terms you require, the Medics can help you sort that all out.

Working For You – Not the Banks

As an independent mortgage expert, Claire works exclusively for you and not the banks. This means that your best interests are always kept in mind. The Mortgage Medics team is not looking to make money for the banks, but rather to help their clients secure the best mortgage with the best terms that suit your budget and financial situation. They’ll provide you with unbiased information and advice to assist you in making the ideal decisions for your home financing requirements.

Claire’s team lives and worksin areas of Toronto, Mississauga, Etobicoke, Oakville, Burlington, Milton, Vaughan and other areas surrounding the GTA. The Medics love the city and its surroundings, and have plenty of experience dealing in real estate financing in these areas. Even if you are new to the country, are self-employed, or even have bad credit, the Medics have access to a number of lenders who work specifically with such situations.  They can help you with mortgage renewals, home loans and credit consolidation using the equity in your home.  Even if you were told you don’t qualify for a mortgage, you can get a second option with Mortgage Medics. Call now for a free and confidential information.  They will even help you understand how to improve  your credit and pay off your mortgage faster.

Peter Abbatangelo mortgage brokerPeter Abbatangelo is one of the experienced Vaughn mortgage brokers that works as a Mortgage Medic.  Even if you already have a mortgage, and are thinking of looking for a better package, Peter can help you find the best rates on a mortgage renewal too! Call 905-201-6390 for a complimentary and confidential consultation to discuss your mortgage in Vaughan or other areas of the GTA.  You can also learn more about their services by visiting today!

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Low Mortgage Rates in Toronto Will Continue to Boost Home Sales

best Oakville, Burlington, Milton mortgage agentThe hot real estate market that we’ve seen in Toronto and surrounding GTA cities this past summer seems to be continuing its streak well into the fall. The record low mortgage rates that home buyers have been able to take advantage of over the past couple of years continues to be a fuelling factor in home sales across the GTA, as has the increasing population.

Home Sales Continue to Stay Strong

Real estate experts are expecting November and December to see home selling rates equivalent to those we’ve been seeing the past few years. There most likely won’t be much of a downturn in home sales unless the mortgage rates start to rise. However, a slight rise in rates probably won’t have much of an impact on home sales. Rather, a sustained upward trend will have to take place in order for a significant dent to be made on the real estate market in the GTA.

Mortgage Rates Still Sitting at Lows

As the mortgage rates rose slightly, many buyers were afraid that the rates would climb even higher, signifying an uptrend in these rates. As such, many home buyers quickly jumped in the market and locked into a mortgage rate before they could be affected by a potential rise. So far, this uptrend has not occurred.

When a rise in mortgage rates does occur, it will most likely happen in a scripted manner, without any surprise hike. However, it’s important to be able to keep an educated eye on these rates before they start to rise, especially for marginal home buyers who may find themselves unable to keep up with the mortgage at higher rates.

Working With a Seasoned Mortgage Specialist is Your Best Bet

It’s for this reason why home buyers need to ensure that they’re working with an experienced mortgage expert who understands the ins and outs of the mortgage process, and has their finger on the pulse on mortgage rates as far as when and how they’ll rise or fall in the near future.

Mortgage Broker expertsMarcelle Tiqui has been in the banking and mortgage business for over 20 years.  She works with first time home buyers, new to Ontario residents, self employed, bad credit and hard to place mortgages.  She will sit down with you to examine your finances, goals and preferences to help you get the best loan with the best terms for your situation.  She can show you how to improve your mortgage score, consider all the home closing and carrying costs and understand how you can become mortgage free faster.

If you are looking to buy a home, don’t go to the banks for a loan – they can only offer you their limited loans and will have their own strict guidelines for approval.  Marcelle works with banks, credit unions, finance companies and other lenders across Canada – so you fill out one mortgage and she shops it across all the lenders for the best deal.  Best of all – she can save you thousands but her service doesn’t cost you anything!  Set up your personal and confidential appointment by calling the best Oakville, Burlington, Milton mortgage agent at (905) 208-7070 or visiting her website at:

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Want to Add Warmth and Ambience to Any Room?

Wall Mounted Electric FireplaceYou’ve painted the walls in your home the perfect color. You’ve furnished your rooms with gorgeous pieces. You’ve even decorated your home with the ideal artifacts and accessories. But there’s still something missing from the feel and aura in your home. How can you fill this void?

Easy! With a stylish, functional and affordable electric fireplace!

A New Home Decor Trend!

Electric fireplaces are the perfect way to quickly and easily add ambience to any room. They’re easy to install, thanks to the lack of venting needed. All you have to do is find the right spot for it, plug it in, and enjoy the warmth and aura that it gives to any space!

Not only are they convenient, but they also offer an amazing realistic flame to add some much needed warmth in the winter season! On the flip side, if you do not desire to have any heat coming from these electric fireplaces, you also have the option to turn off the heat coming from the unit, and use the fireplace strictly as a decorative or lighting piece for your home.

Electric fireplaces are a great alternative to furnaces and real wood-burning fireplaces to heat a home. First of all, they’re a much safer alternative. They’re not hot to the touch, so you don’t have to worry about kids or pets burning themselves on the surface.

Secondly, they are much more affordable means of heating a home compared to a furnace or radiators. You’ll be amazed at how much you can save off your utility bills in the winter!  If you only want to add warmth to a bedroom, an electric fireplace can heat the whole room so no need to turn up the heat in the whole house!

And lastly, they’re so much more convenient, as they come with remote controls to allow you to adjust the flame, light and heat setting to your heart’s desire.

Find Electric Fireplace Online Deals!

If you’re looking for affordable, high quality electric fireplaces online, look no further than Simply Electric Fireplaces. Here you’ll be able to browse a wide variety of electric fireplace models, and be able to comparison shop with the detailed guides and specs!

electric fireplaces entertainment consoleThere are many models of fireplaces as well as fireplace inserts – if you want to convert a gas or wood fireplace to electric.  Looking for a focal point on a main wall?  Why not get a flat, hanging electric fireplace to add a chic, modern touch?  Prefer the traditional look to decorate for the holidays?  Go with an electric fireplace built into a traditional mantel.  Short on space?  Choose an electric fireplace that comes in an entertainment unit – so you can store your TV, DVR, Stereo or other components all in one compact, stylish furniture piece.

Shop for electric fireplace online deals at today and have your electric fireplace delivered right to your Canadian address!

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Winter Events in Oakville and Surrounding Communities

november oakville blogVeterans’ Appreciation Luncheon will be held on November 2nd from 10:15 am to 2 pm.  Event will be at the Oakville Conference and Convention Centre on Wyecroft and will feature lunch, a commemorative ceremony, live music and door prizes.

Pre-Schooler library event on November 8th or 15th  from 1:30-3pm will introduce children into the magical world of the library.  Your child can register for their first library card, enjoy story time, a craft and refreshments at the Glen Abbey Library, 1415 Third Line in Oakville on the 8th and the Iroquois Ridge Library at 1051 Glenashton Drive on the 15th.

November 11-15 is the annual Library Book Sale.  Enjoy great books at $1.50/pound and support library services.  The sale is on at the Central Oakville Public Library at 120 Navy Street.

The Sir John Colborne Centre at 1565 Old Lakeshore Road is hosting its Christmas at Colborne Victoria Tea and Craft Sale on November 15th.   Find handmade Christmas gifts and other treasures including jewellery, baked goods, crafts and knitted items while enjoying sandwiches, sweets, scones and hot beverages.  The event is put on by the Town of Oakville and takes place from 12-3 pm.

Halton Region is offering a Small Business Seminar on November 18th from 6:30-8:30 pm.  Learn the first steps in importing including logistics, finances, product regulations and customs paperwork. The event takes place at the Halton Regional Centre at 1151 Bronte Road.

The Christmas season begins with the Tree Lighting Ceremony at Towne Square in Downtown Oakville. Get in the spirit with caroling, entertainment, treats and a visit from Santa.  The event takes place from 6-9 pm on Lakeshore Road.

The Kerr Village Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony takes place in Kerr Village on November 20th and will include music and a visit from Santa.

The 67th Annual Santa Claus Parade takes place on November 21st at 9 am.  The parade route goes from downtown Oakville to Kerr Village and includes local participants including costumed characters, marching bands and floats.  Come cheer them on and get into the spirit of Christmas.

Come to downtown Oakville on Saturday, November 28th to get your photo taken with Santa in the magical seasonal setting at Towne Square on Lakeshore Road.

The Oakville Seniors Centre is hosting the annual Kerr Street Christmas Market from 12-3pm on Sunday, November 29th. Enjoy handmade items, baked goods, raffle and food items. The address is 263 Kerr Street.

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Keep Healthy – Times it is Necessary to Get the Pros in to Clean

Steamworks Carpet CleaningThere are certain situations that warrant caution – in order to protect the people that live in your home.  Certain events, like flooding, construction, renovations, pet shedding season, cats urinating, etc. can necessitate a deep cleaning that is only possible with professional grade equipment and cleansers.  Some events are more subtle – allergy season, a major dusting, flu season, lice infestation, etc. can mean that bacteria, viruses, germs and vermin could be hiding in your carpets.  If so, it’s imperative that you deal with the situation as soon as possible in order to minimize the amount of damage to your home and its occupants.

After a major event, depending on the level of damage, many times carpets can be restored, as long as professional carpet cleaners are invited into the home to help rectify the problem. These experts have plenty of experience cleaning all sorts of carpet fabrics and stains, and how to treat the different fibers. They’ll know exactly how to tackle to problem and get your flooring so clean that the whole house will smell fresher.  They have special equipment – like black lights to spot pet urine, so they can pre-treat and deep clean even the biggest problems.  Getting rid of black edge around the carpets is also possible – something you can’t do with a carpet cleaning rental machine from your local grocery store!

carpet cleaning OakvilleSteamWorks in particular has been involved in carpet cleaning and restoration for years, and have helped numerous home owners clean and sanitize their homes so they are safer to live in.

At SteamWorks, they utilize the most powerful cleaning equipment and solutions to help restore and deep clean carpets so they look fresh and revitalized. They can also use professional equipment to deep clean grout and tiles, even re-staining the grout so the floor looks newer and more even in color.

They care about your health, and the health of the environment. As such, they offer a line eco-friendly, green cleaning products that are not harmful to you or the atmosphere. These products leave behind a fresh citrus scent.

They’ve built up their reputation amongst clientele in the Burlington, Oakville, Milton, Mississauga and surrounding areas as the best in the business. Their technicians are prompt, courteous, skilled, highly trained and experienced in carpet cleaning, whether after a major event or even just for a routine deep cleaning job.

commercial carpet cleaningWhen it comes to carpet cleaning, Steamworks can deep clean both residential and commercial carpets so they are more sanitary and fresher smelling. Their powerful, truck mounted equipment can deep clean carpets, area rugs and tiles so they are safe for your family. Visit their website today at or call their friendly staff for an appointment at: 905 334-2917.  Like them on facebook and save $20 on your first appointment!

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The Best Way to Visit Niagara Falls is With a Guided Tour

Niagara falls Canada OntarioIf you’re in the Toronto area and want to visit Niagara Falls Ontario, then the best way to do it is through a guided tour. Why? Here are a few reasons:

You Don’t Have to Drive Yourself

Instead of having to pay attention to the road and cram your car with your family and all your belongings, have a knowledgeable tour guide do the driving for you! All you have to do is sit back and relax, enjoy the sights as you drive along, and discuss all the things you’re looking forward to with the other van passengers.  You can even sample some Ontario ice wine when you stop at a local winery.

Licensed Tour Guides

Your tour guide will give you all the information you need to know about Niagara Falls and its surroundings. Instead of studying a guide book, your tour guide will give you little tidbits of info that you won’t find anywhere else and answer any questions you may have.

Niagara Falls OntarioPhoto Opportunities

Most people driving to the Falls on their own won’t think to make a few stops along the way. With Niagara Day Tour, you’ll get to stop at spots like Niagara-on-the-Lake, Brock Monument, Flower Clock, and hydro electric power stations for some fantastic photo opportunities.

Get Lots of Time at the Falls

With an organized tour from an operator like Niagara Day Tour, you’ll have the benefit of spending upwards of 3 hours at the Falls where you have plenty of time to check out things like Clifton Hill, Skylon Tower, the Ferris Wheel, all the parks, Niagara Boat Cruise, and more! Do a little shopping, get something to eat, and check out all the exciting attractions that the Falls has to offer.  Tuckered out after a full day?  You can enjoy a little nap on the way back to Toronto so you arrive refreshed.

Toronto Niagara Falls tourAffordable Prices

At Niagara Day Tour, you can book a tour for as little as $99 per person, which includes your ride to and from the Falls, an admission ticket to the Niagara Boat Tour, and more! Just the gas alone, the cost of a guide book, and the admission price of $25 per person for the Niagara Boat Tour makes an organized trip through Niagara Day Tour well worth the price!  Not interested in the boat tour?  Then the 9 hour Toronto to Niagara tour cost goes down to just $79. Prices for children are even lower.

If your want to visit Niagara Falls Ontario, visit today to book your spot and get the lowest online rates.  Don’t miss the highest rated tour from Toronto to Niagara Falls – Niagara Day Tour.

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