Keep Healthy – Times it is Necessary to Get the Pros in to Clean

Posted by on October 29, 2015

Steamworks Carpet CleaningThere are certain situations that warrant caution – in order to protect the people that live in your home.  Certain events, like flooding, construction, renovations, pet shedding season, cats urinating, etc. can necessitate a deep cleaning that is only possible with professional grade equipment and cleansers.  Some events are more subtle – allergy season, a major dusting, flu season, lice infestation, etc. can mean that bacteria, viruses, germs and vermin could be hiding in your carpets.  If so, it’s imperative that you deal with the situation as soon as possible in order to minimize the amount of damage to your home and its occupants.

After a major event, depending on the level of damage, many times carpets can be restored, as long as professional carpet cleaners are invited into the home to help rectify the problem. These experts have plenty of experience cleaning all sorts of carpet fabrics and stains, and how to treat the different fibers. They’ll know exactly how to tackle to problem and get your flooring so clean that the whole house will smell fresher.  They have special equipment – like black lights to spot pet urine, so they can pre-treat and deep clean even the biggest problems.  Getting rid of black edge around the carpets is also possible – something you can’t do with a carpet cleaning rental machine from your local grocery store!

carpet cleaning OakvilleSteamWorks in particular has been involved in carpet cleaning and restoration for years, and have helped numerous home owners clean and sanitize their homes so they are safer to live in.

At SteamWorks, they utilize the most powerful cleaning equipment and solutions to help restore and deep clean carpets so they look fresh and revitalized. They can also use professional equipment to deep clean grout and tiles, even re-staining the grout so the floor looks newer and more even in color.

They care about your health, and the health of the environment. As such, they offer a line eco-friendly, green cleaning products that are not harmful to you or the atmosphere. These products leave behind a fresh citrus scent.

They’ve built up their reputation amongst clientele in the Burlington, Oakville, Milton, Mississauga and surrounding areas as the best in the business. Their technicians are prompt, courteous, skilled, highly trained and experienced in carpet cleaning, whether after a major event or even just for a routine deep cleaning job.

commercial carpet cleaningWhen it comes to carpet cleaning, Steamworks can deep clean both residential and commercial carpets so they are more sanitary and fresher smelling. Their powerful, truck mounted equipment can deep clean carpets, area rugs and tiles so they are safe for your family. Visit their website today at or call their friendly staff for an appointment at: 905 334-2917.  Like them on facebook and save $20 on your first appointment!

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