Looking for the Best Mortgage in the GTA?

Greater Toronto Mortgage BrokerUsing a GTA Mortgage Broker Can Help You Fund Your Home Faster!

Unlike those who work for big banks and credit unions, mortgage brokers are independent experts that are trained and licensed to help you lock into a mortgage to help you fund your home. Since they work for you, they can provide you with the best unbiased advice regarding your needs for home financing in Greater Toronto and other areas of Ontario.

Mortgage Broker TorontoThe most fundamental task of a mortgage broker is to locate the funds required to finance a home with terms and conditions that suit your current, and future, needs. You only need to fill out one application and your mortgage broker can shop it over lenders across Canada.  Have a hard-to-place mortgage – like self-employed, poor credit or New to Canada?  An experienced mortgage broker knows which lenders to talk to, and how to negotiate the best terms and conditions possible. They are able to skillfully negotiate with lenders, because they have the knowledge and expertise necessary to fill out the required mortgage applications and to help you better understand your borrowing obligations and credit options.  Instead of selling you limited bank offerings, mortgage agents also deal with credit unions, finance companies, investment firms and private lenders.

Independent brokers are not limited to the types of mortgage options they can offer you, but can also provide you with many home loan options. They can offer refinancing for your current mortgage, mortgage renewals, second mortgages, equity lines of credit and second home mortgages. An independent mortgage broker can take a lot of time and stress off your plate by shopping around from one lender to the next to find the right lending product for your needs.  They also have access to lending products that aren’t directly available to end consumers.

The entire mortgage process can be a little daunting and confusing, especially when trying to fill out all the forms and applications. Mortgage brokers help you sift through all that information, and make sense of it all so it is understood – even if you are a first time home buyer.  They can explain terms, fixed and variable rates, lump sum payments and other options.

Canada Mortgage Broker - Claire DrageIf you are in need of a mortgage, it is best to go with someone that is highly rated and has experience.   Claire Drage, an awarding winning Greater Toronto mortgage broker, is one of the top brokers in Canada.  She has her system down to a science and will help you avoid first time buyer mistakes or getting locked into the wrong home loan. Claire trains and supervises other mortgage agents, but still does one on one consultations with clients to help them understand their mortgage options; how to improve credit and how to get mortgage free sooner.  She has helped buyers finance their primary, secondary or investment homes all over the Etobicoke, Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, Milton and GTA areas. Call Claire and her team today at 1-289-679-0123, or visit her online at www.yourmortgageoptions.ca to get the mortgage process rolling right away!

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Are Your Floors Making You Sick?

SteamWorks Carpet Cleaning servicesWinter is upon us and dirty floors in your home can affect your health, especially with the whole family cooped up inside. If you have pets, there could be additional odors or even urine smells. To kill dust mites, bacteria and eliminate odors, it pays to have a professional floor cleaning company to come in and do a deep cleaning.

If you live the in Greater Hamilton- Greater Toronto area, you are in luck.  You can use one of the best cleaning companies – Steamworks Carpet Cleaning – to get your flooring clean. They use superior products and powerful truck mounted equipment that gets your home so clean- even the air smells fresher!  They offer professional and courteous cleaning services for both residential and commercial clients.

Steamworks uses high powered steam cleaning equipment  to deeply and safely clean the fibers in your carpet – something you can’t get by vacuuming or using rental machines.  They also offer natural citrus cleaning solutions that are safer, non toxic and environmentally friendly.

Before you consider replacing your flooring, you should called the certified and trained technicians at Steamworks. They do carpet restoration services as well as grout cleaning and color change – to give floors a newer, fresher look. They also pre-treat carpet to remove stains, pet odors, black edge and dirt. While they are there cleaning your floors, you can also take advantage of their upholstery and mattress cleaning services.

professional floor cleaning companyOnce the warmer weather comes, they can also make the outside of your home look as good as the inside with their hard surface cleaning services for walkways, driveways, patios and garage floors.

Steamworks offers competitive pricing, superior service and a 30 day Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. View their website: www.steamworkscarpetcleaning.com for specials, or like them on facebook to save $20 on your next cleaning. Call their friendly, Canadian owned staff at (905) 334-2917. Keep your family safe by eliminating the dangerous bacteria and germs that lurk inside during the winter months by hiring a professional floor cleaner.

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What a Family Lawyer Can Do For You in Times of Separation & Divorce

family lawyer OakvilleDivorce is never an easy process, and it can be even more difficult when there are children involved.  A family lawyer that is trained in collaborative family law, and other alternative methods to divorce court, can counsel you on your alternatives.  You will want to find a family lawyer that can help you move on to a brighter tomorrow, while still protecting your rights and interests.

Look for Experience when choosing a Family Lawyer

If you and your spouse are separating but are looking for a more peaceful way to dissolve your marriage to make it easier on all parties, then consider some alternatives to divorce court. Options include negotiation, mediation, arbitration and collaborative family law.

Diane Daly - Family Lawyer OakvilleYou will want to get someone that specializes in family law with lots of experience, like Diane Daly of Oakville.  Diane is a respected member of several law societies and associations in Ontario and has been practicing law since 1991. She received further training as a divorce mediator and arbitrator, enabling her to further assist couples in the dissolution of a marriage. As the first step is coming to agreements on the terms of a separation agreement, she helps negotiate issues including custody; access; child support; spousal support; responsibility for child related expenses; division of property and division of debt. By using problem solving approaches and encouraging mutual respect, Diane keeps it in the couples control – rather than a judge’s.

collaborative family law OakvilleLearn more about collaborative family law and alternatives to divorce court at www.OakvilleLaw.ca. Call Diane and her team today at 905-844-5883 and save yourself  emotional distress by getting the right family legal advice that you need to move on to happier times.  Daly Law Offices serve clients in all of Ontario including Oakville, Burlington, Milton, Mississauga and other areas of Greater Toronto – Greater Hamilton.

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Chiropodist Vs. Podiatrist – What is the Difference?

Wilson Foot Clinic OntarioMost people are familiar with the meaning of the word ‘podiatrist’ or foot doctor.  However, in some parts of the world – including Ontario, Canada, the word ‘chiropodist’ is used instead.  Both are highly trained in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of the feet, ankles and lower limbs.  Chiropody is a primary health care discipline which involves assessing  feet  and treating disorders, dysfunctions or diseases of the foot. Both chiropodists and podiatrists are required to study extensively in university, then  they must complete a hospital residency program and pass a licensing exam to practice.

There is really no difference in terms of actual treatment, as both podiatrists and chiropodists help patients with common foot problems including heel pain, ingrown toenails, bunions, nail surgery, corns, calluses, flat feet, athlete’s foot, hammertoe, Plantar warts and diabetic foot care.   Both chiropodists and podiatrists use therapeutic, palliative or orthotic means to correct or improve the condition of the patients’ feet.

custom prescription foot orthoticsOne of the top, most respected podiatrists – chiropodists in Ontario is Peter Wilson of the Wilson Foot Clinic in Burlington, Ontario.  This highly rated clinic welcomes patients from all over Ontario, including the Greater Hamilton – Greater Toronto area.  No referral is necessary to see this Ontario Registered Chiropodist with over 30 years of experience.  Wilson has 18 years of experience with the Toronto General Hospital and played a leadership role developing the Chiropody/Podiatry profession in Ontario as a former advisor to the Ontario Ministry of Health.

podiatrists - chiropodists OntarioWilson and his staff offer both general and specialized care in his Burlington location, including nail surgeries, custom prescription foot orthotics, diabetic and arthritic foot care.  His clinic has all of the most modern equipment to treat fungal nail disease, Plantar warts, heel pain and more using laser and shockwave therapies.

Learn more about chiropodist Peter Wilson and his Burlington clinic at www.wilsonfootclinic.com.  You can get an appointment by calling (905) 335-2000.  Remember that ‘Feet Are For Life’.  Make sure to take good care of yours.

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Get the Gift Any Woman Would Enjoy

best Mississauga day spaLooking For the Perfect Gift For That Special Someone?

Buying a gift for people in your life can be a challenge sometimes. This is particularly true for those ‘hard to buy for’ people who ‘have everything’.  New surveys find that most women prefer relaxation and life experiences to more material things.  Since we all live such busy lives, having a respite and doing something with health benefits is considered more desirable than traditional gifts.

If you are looking for a great gift for a woman of any age, then a salon and spa gift package might be the perfect choice. Spending a day getting pampered at a spa will put a smile on the face of anyone on your gift list.

Spa Gift Packages Are Perfect for Most Occasions!

Spa gift packages are perfect for:

  • Birthdays
  • Mother’s Day
  • Graduation
  • Anniversaries
  • Teacher gifts
  • Appreciation gifts
  • Weddings
  • Showers
  • Christmas gifts
  • Mothers to Be
  • Prom

The Perfect Choice in Mississauga – Greater Toronto

Fortelli Salon and Spa is the best Mississauga day spa, providing a plethora of treatments to leave one totally invigorated and feeling completely rejuvenated. They offer a gift cards that can be purchased for specific services or dollar amounts. You can tailor your salon/spa gift package to include a combination of any number treatments, including facials, haircuts, body treatments, massages, makeup, manicures, pedicures, and so on. They can process gift certificates over the phone and can even mail them to the lucky recipient. With so many health and cosmetic benefits that salon and spa treatments provide, it would be tough to disappoint even the hardest-to-please person you know!

Fortelli Salon and Spa MississaugaFor over 20 years, Fortelli’s team of highly skilled and experienced stylists and estheticians do their best to leave their clients completely satisfied.   They also offer wedding salon packages for the bride / bridal party. Visit www.Fortelli.com today to view their spa services or call (905) 824-4949 for an appointment.

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Man Has Lived with Fire for 350,000 Years – It’s About Time Fire Got a Makeover!

Modern Flame electric fireplacesYou may have seen some very cool looking fireplace hanging in a magazine design spread or in a hip downtown bar.  If it was sleek and modern, chances are it was a Modern Flames electric fireplace. The company, based in Phoenix, Arizona, pioneered the contemporary linear electric fireplace in 2008. Since they manufacture their own products rather than outsource them, you can be assured that the quality control and craftsmanship matches the high end design.

Their sleek, linear line is popular with designers, builders and architects for use in both residential and commercial settings. Modern Flame electric fireplaces come in a variety of styles – from contemporary to traditional. They also come in a variety of sizes – rectangular to square – so you can choose the model that will best fit your room. They also make fireplace inserts which can easily be installed in any fireplace opening. The electrical units are more economical than gas inserts, and safer- since there are no gas emissions.  The screen also stays cool to the touch, making it a safer choice for homes with children or pets.

The electric fireplace units either come with the reflective glass or richly detailed LED Canyon Juniper Logs options.  These electric fireplaces look realistic since they produce  lifelike flames that are refracted in a 3 dimensional pattern with yellow and orange hues.

Electric fireplaces are easy to operate and you can choose light, heat or both – making them perfect for year round use. They are portable, easy to install and inexpensive to operate.  Plus, they are simple to maintain – no cleaning up ash or chopping new wood!

Electric FireplacesWith an electric fireplace, you can take advantage of zone heating. Since they can be installed in any room, you can chose where you place them and comfortably heat only the rooms that are actively use. This can save energy and money since you can turn your central air down to more modest levels for the rest of the house. Electric fireplaces cost very little to run, averaging about 8 to 12 cents an hour or approximately $25 a year. Plus, they add visual appeal and ambience – warming up any room in the home.

To get your Modern Flame Electric Fireplace, check the deals out at www.simplyelectricfireplaces.ca. They have great deals on all the major brands of electric fireplaces, great prices and shipping anywhere in Canada.

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Your Flooring Sends a Message About Your Business. What Does Yours Say?

SteamWorks Commercial Cleaning ServicesWhen clients walk into your place of business, they notice if it is clean and attractive. Dirty carpets, stained tile and odorous upholstery may be sending a message that your business does not care or is not concerned. For some industries, having dirty flooring could lead to health issues for both clients and employees. Health care, day care, food service and hospitality industries are all businesses that need to ensure their floors are sanitized to prevent illness, allergies or contaminants.

While most companies have cleaning staff or outside services, they can’t always get the flooring as clean as it needs to be for a high traffic, commercial building.  That is why many businesses turn to professional, commercial  floor cleaning companies to deep clean their carpets and tiles.

In the Greater Toronto- Greater Hamilton area, one highly recommended cleaning solutions provider is Steamworks Carpet and Tile Cleaning. This Canadian run, Halton based cleaning company offers 24 hour cleaning services for its commercial clients. Whether you need your restaurant, store, business or office cleaned, they bring powerful truck mounted equipment and industrial grade cleaning solutions to get the job done.

Their uniformed, certified and trained technicians are experienced, reliable and courteous. Before you replace your carpets or area rugs, ask them about their carpet restoration services. They work with all types of carpet fibers and have the correct products and techniques necessary to remove stains, black edge, odors and germs. They also do tile and grout cleaning and grout color change, so your tiles look newer and fresher.

Scommercial  floor cleaning companiesteamworks offers regular janitorial services or one-time deep cleaning solutions. They also do VCT strip and wax and upholstery cleaning.  Call to speak to one of their commercial cleaning care specialists at (905) 334-2917. You can learn more about their services at www.steamworkscarpetcleaning.com.

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