A Compassionate Family Lawyer Can Keep Your Divorce Amicable and Respectful

Posted by on April 22, 2015

Law office Oakville, Mississauga, Toronto LawyerWith the divorce rate being as high as it is, it would seem as though most separating couples end up in divorce courts. While going to court has traditionally been the way to sever ties in a marriage, it’s not always the best option. Divorce court can often mean a lengthy process and can put a lot of stress on the family. Not only is it difficult on the spouses themselves, but also on other family members – particularly the children.

Divorce court can also be expensive, both in terms of finances and emotional tolls. When a divorce is settled in the court system, the judges are the ones who have the final say, leaving the divorcing couple little to no control over matters such as child custody and support, spousal support, division of assets, and so forth.

There are alternatives to divorce court that will keep more control – and usually money – on your side and make the process more respectful of the family unit.

Choose An Experienced Family Lawyer in Ontario

Ending a marriage is never easy. It’s a very delicate matter that calls for a compassionate and caring family law lawyer Ontario who will guide you through the process while helping to iron out all the legal details of the separation agreement to protect your rights going forward.

Diane Daly law Oakville, Ontario lawyerDiane Daly has been practicing family law in Ontario for almost three decades, helping families settle matters as amicably and quickly as possible. Separation and divorce are stressful situations that require the help of a family lawyer who understands the importance of taking a respectful approach. Diane and her team of experts use innovative resolution processes, including mediation, negotiation, arbitration and collaborative family law to make the process easier on all involved, including the children. These solutions help the separating couple retain more control in settling all marriage related matters in order to move on to a better tomorrow.

If you are in the Oakville and surrounding areas, and are facing divorce, contact Diane and her team today at (905) 844-5883 or by visiting www.OakvilleLaw.ca. Start on the road to a better tomorrow.

The Daly Law team also handles other family law matters including marriage contracts, paternity agreements, child custody and child/spousal support.

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