Divorce Court Isn’t the Only Way to End Your Marriage

Posted by on April 24, 2015

Divorce Mediation LawyerIf you’re headed for divorce, consider options other than traditional divorce court, which can be very expensive and take a long time – making it very difficult for family members. Divorce mediation is an alternative to the courts when you are considering separation.

What is Divorce Mediation?

Divorce mediation is a voluntary process by which a separating couple hires a lawyer who acts as a neutral third party, or ‘mediator’. The parties and the mediator all sign a Mediation Agreement which stipulates that they are all voluntarily opting for this method over court, where a judge makes all the decisions.

The divorce mediation lawyer helps each party identify the issues that must be resolved, as well as the options available to resolve them. This is a much more positive and controllable process compared to traditional strategies that often result in long, drawn out legal battles.

The goal of mediation is for the spouses to work as a team to identify the best settlement for themselves, and their children. Mediators strive to facilitate the entire process, and help each party find a solution that both sides can agree on. The mediator also helps to diffuse any emotional tension that most likely exists between the spouses, and helps them to keep focus on the matters at hand.

Keep Control Over Your Divorce Settlement

A divorce mediation lawyer works in a non-contested divorce situation and allows the separating spouses to have more say in the separation agreement, rather than leave it in the hands of a judge.  Working with an experienced mediation ensures that the parties are better prepared and protected as they end this chapter of their lives, and start a new one.

Trust the Experts in Divorce MediationFemale Divorce Lawyer

If you believe that mediation may be a better option for you, get in touch with Diane Daly and her team of experts. For almost three decades, Diane has been helping couples settle their divorces, using a number of alternative methods including mediation, negotiation, arbitration and collaborative family law.

Diane is well-versed in the realm of mediation and can help you end your marriage with less stress through this innovative and considerate means of divorce.  The welfare of the children are always put first. Visit www.OakvilleLaw.ca today and let Diane and her team help you end your marriage as amicably and respectfully as possible. Call for more information or an appointment: (905) 844-5883.

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