6 Reasons to Sign Your Kids Up For Dance Classes

Posted by on July 30, 2015

dance classes Burlington OntarioLooking for the perfect past-time activity for your kids? Why not enroll them in dance classes! Here are just some of the reasons why dance classes are the perfect fit for your child.

They promote fitness!

One of the biggest reasons to get your kids involved in dance classes is purely for the physical fitness that they promote. Dancing is more than just a fun past-time – it’s also a vigorous activity that helps keep the body strong.  Kids as young as 2.5 years of age can learn to dance and develop motor skills and coordination that will help them with all physical activities.

They help develop high self-esteem

Dance instructors will teach your child things such as self-expression, individual style and even smiling as they move to the music. Kids will have the chance to express themselves through movement in a nurturing environment. Children are given the chance to see themselves performing in the mirror and thereby learn how to present themselves in a manner that is pleasing to them and to refine their actions.

They teach discipline

Kids who are avid dancers in structured classes are able to control and harness their built-up energy levels through specific technique training.  They learn to concentrate, follow direction and memorize patterns.  There are many studies that link dance and music skills to improved grades in mathematics.

They offer a social setting

Dance classes are a great place to make new friends and to socialize in a safe environment. Children move around and communicate with each other, both through physical movement as well as through speech. Everyone works off of each other’s energy, with everyone’s personalities jiving together to create a unique performance.  Kids often socialize before and after class and build friendships year after year as they continue their dance training.

They help build focus

Kids are notorious for daydreaming and losing focus and attention really quickly and easily – especially with all the distractions in today’s wired world. While this is fine for the most part, it’s still important for them to learn to focus, especially when it comes time for study. Dance classes help develop concentration and determination to remember all the moves and get them right, and perform each step beautifully.

They’re fun!

If none of the above reasons is enough for you to sign your child up for dance classes Burlington Ontario, consider the fact that they are simply loads of fun! They’ll be able to move freely in a fun and upbeat environment with other kids their age. Who wouldn’t enjoy that?

dance classes BurlingtonWhen you’re looking for dance classes in the Greater Toronto – Greater Hamilton area, consider Burlington’s favorite dance studio – Creative Edge Dance. With the state-of-the-art studio facilities, industry-experienced instructors, and the latest in choreography, your child is in good hands!

Creative Edge offers creative movement classes for kids aged 2.5-4 years old. Kids 5 and older can try the recreational dance classes in hip hop, ballet, jazz, tap and other styles. Visit CreativeEdgeDance.ca today and register your child for dance classes!

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