5 Reasons to Have Your Commercial Carpets Professionally Cleaned

Posted by on February 6, 2015

commercial-tile-cleaning-mississaugaYour business needs to have a lot more than just great services or a fabulous product – the establishment needs to be maintained and kept clean at all times in order to make a good impression on your clientele. Part of this process involves keeping the carpets as clean and odor free as possible. Considering how many shoes cross your carpeting day in and day out, regular cleaning is important – for your customers as well as your employees.

But before you decide to rent a carpet cleaning machine and tackle the job yourself, consider the following reasons you should call a professional cleaning company:

Bad results – Since you don’t have access to the powerful machines that expert cleaners use, you won’t have the ability to really penetrate the dirt hidden deep in the fibers as well as professionals can with their specialized tools and equipment.

Shrinkage – If you add too much water or shampoo, you risk having your carpet shrink, depending on the fiber that it is made of. Professionals will know exactly how to clean the various types of carpeting in order to avoid such a risk.

Damp carpets for days – As stated above, too much moisture is bad news for carpeting. Not only do you risk shrinkage, you risk having the carpet remain damp for a long time, which will cause bad smells and even mold build up if you replace the furniture prematurely.

Discoloration  of the carpeting – Using the wrong chemicals or cleaning products can lead to discoloration.  Failure to wait until the carpet is totally dry can also result in discoloration when furniture is placed on top of the carpet while there is still some level of moisture in the fibers.

Continued re-soiling – If you don’t thoroughly remove the detergent used to clean the carpets, or put too much, a high residue content can continue to remain, which can cause rapid re-soiling of your carpeting.

Don’t risk damaging your carpeting. Instead, call a commercial carpet cleaning Mississauga company to get the job done for you. SteamWorks has trained and certified technicians and powerful truck mounted cleaning equipment to make sure that your business’ carpets are cleaned thoroughly and safely. Call the best commercial carpet cleaning company in the GTA – SteamWorks – at 905 334-2917.  They also offer 24 hour service for their commercial clients.

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