Youtube Stars from Oakville

Posted by on December 22, 2011

Ontario has already put out several stars on the internet including Justin Bieber, the Fitforafeast girls and now Picnicface with Kyle Dooley and friends.

Justin Bieber has become a world famous performer with humble origins in Southern Ontario. Online video sharing sites are now just over 5 years old and some stars are rapidly commanding worldwide attention. In Oakville, we are fortunate to have such a great community with good schools and a supportive environment to nurture talented kids.

Kyle Dooley just graduated from Oakville Trafalgar High School and is already on the Comedy network through the fame he and friends garnered with their online videos.

Fitforafeast is another local born project featuring 12 year old Katrina and 13 year old Sloane as they inspire kids around the world to get fit, dance, eat well and live better lives. These dancers and gymnasts lead by example with a kid to kid solution against childhood obesity. They were also featured on YTV – The Zone, Mclean’s Magazine and TV News. Kids around the world are jumping off of the couch and getting fit. Visit for more on Fit for a Feast.

It seems the online video stars are reaching main street, and some of them originate right here in Oakville, Ontario!

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Oakville high school grad’s YouTube forays lead to TV success

What happens when your funny YouTube video gets 24 million views?

In the case of Oakville’s Kyle Dooley, you end up on television.

The Oakville Trafalgar High School graduate and his seven buddies became big hits in the online world with numerous comic videos. Catching the attention of TV executives, the team of eight has its own show titled Picnicface — the first season is currently airing on The Comedy Network.

The team includes Dooley, as well as members from Toronto, Vancouver, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland.

Moving to network television, however, didn’t mean the group had to sacrifice its creativity.


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