Getting Your Wedding Makeup Professionally Done

Posted by on May 16, 2013

bridal wedding makeupOut of all days to choose to have your makeup done professionally, your wedding day would be it. If you are not versed in the art of makeup application, you do not want to experiment on one of the most important days of your life. All brides want to look their best that day, which is why you should hire an expert in the field of makeup artistry to enhance all your unique features that will translate beautifully in photos, and down the aisle!

There are many aspects involved in the perfect wedding makeup application. Beginning with a good base is essential. Your skin needs to look flawless, and your makeup needs to adhere to a base that will not encourage it to smear or fade prematurely. Many experienced makeup artists will use an advanced air-brush technique to apply your base foundation to your skin.

Makeup professionals truly are artists. They will create a well-balanced, symmetrical look to every feature and angle of your face so that you can look as gorgeous as possible. A proper balance of your features is essential so as not to draw attention only to one aspect of your face. For example, a balance between your eyes, eyebrows and lips will be achieved with proper use of makeup and highlighting.

A lot more goes into bridal makeup than just lipstick, mascara and blush. Your makeup artists will highlight the most flattering features of your face, such as your cheekbones, the arch of your eyebrows, and so forth. Doing so will brighten your eyes, and give your facial features flattering dimensions on film and in photographs.

The colours that you choose for your bridal wedding makeup are also essential to creating a classic, flattering and timeless look. You don’t want to look harsh with bold colours. Instead, choose gentle colours that will make you look ravishing, yet natural at the same time.

Working with professional makeup artists at Fortelli’s Salon and Spa will help you achieve the perfect makeup glow, so you can look radiant on the most special day of your life! Give them a call today and let them be a part of your big day. In Oakville call (905) 847-0706.  In Mississauga, call (905) 824-4949.   

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