UFOs in Glen Abbey, Oakville – UFO Siting on the Glen Abbey Golf Course

GreatLakes Triangle
Posted by on May 6, 2013

Evidently there is such a thing as the “Great Lakes Triangle”.  For those of us living in Oakville because we avoided living in the Bermuda Triangle,  imaging our surprise when we learned of this Great Lakes Triangle phenomenon.  Have you witnessed a UFO in the sky lately?

This just happened recently out on the Glen Abbey golf course as golfers were surprised with what they believed to be a UFO. Mind you, the bar was open that day and they had already completed a round of golf.  In any case, they reported an “orb” that moved in from left to right and then started hovering over them.  Probably not liking any of the golfers as specimens for their own human race research, they then hit the “disappear” button and vanished, only to reappear along with a second, more inquisitive orb on the left side moments later.

Great Lakes Triangle Oakville





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