Tips For a First Time Mortgage Burlington

Posted by on September 6, 2012

Getting a Mortgage for Your First Home in Burlington

Home ownership is a big dream for many Canadians, and is most often the largest investment that any Canadian will ever make in their lifetime. As such, it is important to be rather cautious and careful when fronting so much money for a home, and accounting for all other costs associated with purchasing property in Burlington and all other areas of the province of Ontario.

First time home buyers in particular need to deal with experienced and professional mortgage brokers that will take the time to sit with them and find out how much they can afford, and walk them through the entire home buying and mortgage process. A first time mortgage Burlington can be both frightening and invigorating at the same time. When dealing with a seasoned mortgage specialist, the entire process should be rather simple and secure.  They should be your first call before you start shopping for a home, to help you avoid first time buyer mistakes.

Avoid Big Mistakes By Dealing With the Pros

It is no secret that home ownership, and real estate in general, is a great way to build both equity and financial wealth. However, if big mistakes are made, it can also be a way to lose a great deal of money quickly. This is why it is crucial to have the experts on your side, helping you along every step of the way towards home ownership and building personal wealth.

Mortgage brokers put the home buyer’s interests first, and therefore are unbiased in their opinions about the type of mortgages and rate s that are available through all lenders.  Loan officers in banks can only offer you the products their bank has available and you must meet their specific requirements.  Mortgage agents have the connections needed to find the best rates, as well as the best skills required to negotiate with lenders to get the interest rate as low as possible.  They are also better able to find lenders if you have less than stellar credit or a low down payment.  Best of all, there is no cost for the service but you could save thousands in interest over the term of your mortgage.

As a new home buyer, obtaining a first time mortgage Burlington should be done with an independent mortgage broker who will do their very best to find the mortgage that suits your specific financial situation. When you are looking for a first time mortgage, call an expert mortgage agent, like Lee Anne Taylor, who specializes in dealing with these types of mortgages. Get Lee Anne on your team today and be on your way to home ownership!  Visit or call (905) 336-8948.  

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