Tips for Storing Dry Dog Food

Posted by on August 20, 2013

dry dog food storage containerPet owners love and care for their little furry friends, and go to great lengths to make sure they are safe, well cared for and only get the best of everything. This obviously includes the type of dog food they are fed. There are many different types of dog food on the market, each offering something unique for your pooch’s health. The type of pet food you choose to give your dog is important for maintaining optimal health. But the quality of food is highly dependent on how the dry dog food is stored. Failure to properly store your dog’s food can reduce its freshness and quality, as well as its taste.

For this reason, you want to be sure to store your pet’s food appropriately in order to ensure that it is kept fresh for long periods of time. Simply buying a bag of dog food only and rolling up the open package won’t cut it. Not only will the food loose its freshness this way, it will also allow unwanted “guests” – like insects, rodents, your pet or other animals – into the food.

The best way to store dry dog food is with a good quality, durable food grade container that has an air-tight seal. Having such a container will keep your dog’s food fresher for longer, as well as protect it from unwanted infestation.   You will want the container to be durable and strong, so larger dogs can’t chew through it.  A sturdy handle is also recommended for easy transportation.

One such top quality food container is the brand sold by Paw Print Products. This company sells quality FDA approved food containers for pet food utilizing only the finest quality plastic to protect the expensive food being stored. All containers are made with virgin plastic that has never been recycled before. They also come with an air-tight lid that guarantees freshness of the food for long periods of time.

Best of all, each container can be totally customized to include your pet’s name and photo! Select your color and size of choice to make your pet’s container as customized as possible! You can order online and have the dry dog food storage container delivered right to your door.  It makes a wonderful keepsake with the photo of your pet (or pets), or you along with the pet.  Considering how expensive a bag of food is, this great gift is also practical –since it will easily last the life of your pet – keeping their food fresh and safe.

Visit their website at today to select the right pet food container for your dog!

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