Throw Away Your Razors and Head to the Salon

Posted by on June 21, 2012

Many women spend countless dollars and hours waxing and shaving on their own, only to find mixed results. The do-it-yourself products are typically costly and require a seasoned hand to achieve a desired effect. Why waste your time and money when you can have a professional take care of the problem? One stop at a salon and you’ll be on your way in moments, feeling fresh and ready for the day at a reasonable price.

Fortelli Salon and Spa offers premium hair removal and waxing services at their salon. Their highly trained staff provides solutions for your hair reduction needs in a clean and calm environment. Whether you wish to get your eyebrows done, a Brazilian wax, or have your entire body done, the staff at Fortelli Salon and Spa are capable of creating a customized solution to meet your needs at competitive prices. With premium quality products and precise application techniques, you’ll be glad you threw out your drug store brand wax and opted for a professional to do the job.

If you desire a more lasting procedure, laser hair removal may be what you are looking for. The use of Intense Pulse Light targets the melanin in hair while leaving your precious skin unharmed. Intense Pulse Light effectively and safely removes and reduces hair growth in short order. This state of the art mechanism heats the hair while cooling the surrounding skin, which in turn disables hair growth and makes for a nearly painless process. The effect is long lasting and much more effective than shaving or waxing. Treatments are done in a 2 week span to ensure optimal coverage and success. Naturally, the process of using Intense Pulse Light for your hair removal needs is more expensive, but it lasts much longer and there is no need for consistent trips to the salon once the initial treatments have been done.

If you are tired of striking out with drug store brand products and want a professional job done, visit Fortelli hair removal salon Oakville or call (905) 847-0706 and discuss your options. Whether you want a quick and precise wax or a lasting IPL treatment, the experts at the salon can help you determine what is best for you. For professional hair removal in Mississauga, visit Fortelli Salon in Mississauga or call (905) 824-4949.

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