Therasauna Infrared Saunas – An Enriching Experience

Posted by on July 18, 2012

If you are looking to invest in a more enriching and healthier lifestyle, you should consider the benefits of an infrared sauna. They utilize heat therapy which is a recommended practice for those suffering from certain types of pain. If you are struggling with chronic pain, arthritis, joint and muscle pain or fibromyalgia, heat therapy can soothe your woes.

If you are worried about the amount of chemicals that enter your body through everyday products such as makeup, moisturizers and antiperspirants – infrared saunas are a great aid to detoxification. Humans need to perspire – it is how we rid ourselves of damaging compounds and refresh our skin. Using a sauna is the key to helping your skin detoxify and regain its natural glow.

Aside from the countless health benefits, saunas promote stress relief. The main reason why so many of us wind up sick and tackling minor illnesses is the buildup of stress. North American lifestyles are very fast paced and demanding, leaving little room to relax and take a moment. Make time to take a break. With an infrared sauna, you can utilize the heat to revitalize your body and mind and forget the day. It is a great way to grab some alone time or to spend with loved ones or a good book.

Therasauna infrared saunas are among the most highly rated brands in the world  They feature the highest quality components, surpassing quality requirements and getting CSA and CE approvals (major safety testing agencies in North America). They feature a patented control system that provides the perfect range of far infrared heat for your pleasure.

Therasauna includes the SpectraWave function that allows a complete wave through the infrared spectrum and maintains the best range for absorption. These particular infrared saunas are made from non toxic, high grade aspen hardwood that allows for the highest functionality with the look of beautiful furniture. They are so easy to install – anyone can put one together!  Portable infrared saunas plug into a regular wall socket and feature low operating costs to keep your money in your pocket. The best of all?  Therasauna brand saunas come with free shipping when purchased from Take advantage of new technology and the treasures you can discover with a health infrared sauna.

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