New Teen Fiction Kindle Book by Oakville Author Released

Posted by on August 11, 2012

The Conquest of Night – Kindle Version – by Oakville teen fiction author Justin James, was just released and is available at teen fiction headquarters on the Kindle Store.  The paperback version is scheduled to be released August 20, 2012.

This is the first book of the trilogy.

The Conquest of Night by Justin James OakvilleDescription:

“Jackson Taeric lived in a small town of Hartengle, Canada, leading an average and uneventful life. That was until one eventful winter’s day.

He was chased into a small clearing within the forest he passed through hundreds of times before. In this glade he stumbled upon a gateway, and woke up to find himself in a distant and strange land, gripped by war.

In this new world, the Night, a powerful group of grey-skinned people, launched a seemingly unprovoked attack against the Eternai, who have coexisted in peace for centuries. The Night press on their conquest of the land of the Eternai, whose loyal citizens struggle to band together and repel the invaders. Jackson must chose a side, for the decisions he will make in this distant land could lead to the downfall of an empire.”

Justin James grew up in Oakville, Ontario and has been a student at Heritage Glen, an honours student at W.H. Morden as well as being enrolled in the gifted program at Abbey Park High School.  He volunteers in and around our community and enjoys soccer goalkeeping on one of the Oakville Soccer Rep teams.   Justin had loved to read from an early age, and quickly became interested in writing for himself at the age of 14 as a side project to his schooling and sports.

By the age of 15, Justin had completed his novel and released it under the name of The Conquest of Night, which was to be the first book in the trilogy.  This is a fantasy fiction book for kids, teens and young adults by a local teen author.

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