Strip and Wax Your Office Tiles

Posted by on February 5, 2013

Gleaming Floors Set a Good Impression!

The state and aesthetics of office’s floors really does say a lot about the establishment, and those that run it. An office with dirty, unkempt floors is not one that many patrons would like to frequent, nor is it a place that employees would like to spend a good part of their day in. Anyone running a business needs to care about every aspect of their establishment, including the cleanliness and sanitary condition of their flooring.

Commercial Tile Strip and Wax

Commercial Tile Strip and Wax Ontario

If your restaurant, food market, retail outlet or office is covered in tiles, one of the best ways to care for your floors and protect their integrity is by stripping and waxing them, in addition to regular cleaning. Any flooring that is riddled with dirt, grime and other nasty debris may need to be stripped. This is a process whereby any chemicals and other debris is stripped from the flooring without causing any damage. This process will thoroughly clean your floors and leave them completely clean and germ-free.

Applying high quality wax coatings is a great way to bring out the gleam and aesthetic appeal of your floors. It’s also a great way to protect them from any possible damage, such as scratches, dents, scrapes, and other signs of wear and tear. Create an inviting and warm feel to your office by giving your floors a wonderful commercial strip and wax job to bring out a beautiful shine.

Professional Commercial Floor Cleaners

Steam Works is a professional cleaning company that cleans all sorts of surfaces, including all tile, grout, carpet and hard surfaces, including walkways and decks. The technicians at Steamworks are all certified and trained in cleaning commercial and residential flooring and proudly serve a loyal client base throughout the GTA and Golden Horseshoe areas of Southern Ontario. The technicians employed with Steam Works are experts in the areas of stripping and waxing floor surfaces, leaving floors clean and gleaming.  They can also clean and change grout color, giving expensive flooring a newer appearance in a short time at a reasonable cost.

If your flooring looks like it needs some TLC, call Steam Works today and have the best of the best get your floors back to their original luster!  Visit or call 905 334-2917 to make an appointment.  Commercial service is available 24 hours a day, to best fit your business’s needs.

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