Staging Tips to Sell Your Oakville Home

Posted by on September 18, 2011

Staging has become a key factor in being able to sell and Oakville home quickly and for top dollar.  Many people question the need for staging, but the proof is in the results.  Many Oakville realtors now employ the services of a stager as part of their client offerings.  So what is staging and why is it so important when you are selling your home?

Suzie Findlay, owner of Devine Home, explains: “You want your home to be appealing to the greatest number of viewers.  Staging doesn’t have to be expensive – you can make a huge difference with the help of a professional stager.  Sometimes the changes are so dramatic and the improvement so great that the client questions leaving the home.”  Staging takes out the personal and questionable decor in the home to allow the potential purchaser to picture themselves living there.  Colors need to be neutral, the home needs to be cleaned and decluttered.  Staging leads the buyer to notice the best features in your home while minimizing the drawbacks.

Usually an experienced stager can work within your budget constraints to maximize the potential of your home.  Statistics show that the cost of staging is typically a good investment, yielding a much higher price for the home than the cost of the staging.  Realtors agree that a staged home is much easier to show and to sell.

“I often have clients that are so happy with their staging results that they call me in when they buy a new home.  They want to enjoy the benefits of layout, design and staging while they are living in the home – not just selling it.”  Professional stagers are accredited and experienced so they can maximize the appeal of a home.  In a buyer’s market, home staging is more important that ever.  Learn more about home staging to sell or ask your realtor if they provide staging by an accredited home staging professional with their services.

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