Spring Cleaning in Oakville – Steam Carpet Cleaning for Your Home

Posted by on March 6, 2013

Spring cleaning is around the corner in Oakville as the snow begins to melt away.  March 20, 2013 will mark the first day of spring and time to get the household into shape after the winter.  A good way to get the home sparkling clean is steam carpet cleaning.  You can rent a local machine if you want to do the work yourself and if the carpets are not looking too bad, but for professional truck-mounted steam cleaning, call Kevin at Steamworks Carpet Cleaning in Oakville and he will make sure your carpets come out looking great. Get Oakville carpet cleaning done affordably and professionally.

Carpet cleaning statistics OakvilleDid you know that 1/3 of consumers judge others on the cleanliness of the carpet in their homes?  22% also consider their carpet to be dirtier than a toilet seat!  Most people agree that having clean carpet is necessary to having a clean home.

More stats that are a little unsettling:  up to 2,000 dust mites can live on one ounce of household carpet, yuk.

45% of people believe in the old 5 second rule so if they drop food on their carpet…..  Most of these people don’t realize that one square foot of carpet can hold about one pound of dirt and 80% of the dirt in the average Oakville home is brought in on the bottom of people’s shoes.  (or on the hound’s paws 🙂

Don’t be one of the 68% that admit they don’t clean their carpet as frequently as they would like to or the 63% that say that their carpet is never as clean as they would like it to be.

In the U.S., the EPA recommends deep cleaning carpets every 6 months or more.

If you want to be comfortable with a professional carpet cleaner for your home, call Kevin at SteamworksCarpetCleaning.com.  (905) 334-2917  Oakville

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