Small Business Accounting Software Customized For You

Posted by on July 4, 2012

Every little detail counts when managing your billing, inventory, customers and employees. With the help of accounting software, you can easily manage your company to the penny, improving your profits and reducing your expenses.

Most small business accounting programs are easy to set up and use, with no previous accounting knowledge needed. There are also numerous trained professionals who are able to help you set the program up for your company’s specific needs, and are there to support you as long as you find it necessary.

Accounting software enables you to have your finances all in one place and saves you valuable time. Since you can find all necessary financial data for your company in one program, you are always up-to-date about where your business stands.

Some of the reports your accounting program will provide you with in a few simple steps are:

  • cash flow
  • taxes
  • HST
  • payroll
  • sales commissions, etc

Effective reporting tools have a great impact on the success of a company. An accounting program can run a variety of useful reports. With different reporting options, companies can successfully monitor what activities are having good or poor consequences for their company. With that information, you are able to make well thought-out decisions that will lead your business towards a more profitable future.

There are several accounting programs suitable for small businesses that won’t break your budget. Some of them also have free trial periods, so you can be confident the software is the best choice for you and meets your company’s exact needs. The best program for your business is also dependent on your business type. For example, some programs have more features to support a service oriented business, others are more valuable for production companies, etc. When choosing the best software, it would be worth consulting a specially trained financial advisor who is familiar with accounting software.  Since you will be setting up systems that will be in place to guide your company for years to come, it is worth investing in an outside consultant who can take all your company’s unique features into account before recommending you the most suitable software.  Best is when they can set up your system, train your employees to use it and provide strategic management consulting to ensure you use it to make the best decisions going forward.

In the Southern Ontario area, a highly recommended company that provides all your financial consulting and software training and customization solutions is Accounts Plus.  They can recommend the best software and configure it to fit your needs and provide you with the daily or weekly reports you require.

The more advanced accounting programs are able to manage employee profiles and status. Next to that, they can track hours, benefits, deductions and taxes. Many of them will also provide the opportunity of creating payrolls straight from the program or through electronic payment. With that and many other useful features a small business accounting program has to offer, you can be sure that the small investment in the new software, customization and training will be worth every penny.  Call CMA Gary Olynik at Accounts Plus for an evaluation and quote on your accounting software needs or visit

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