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Posted by on October 24, 2012

You can get lost in stores trying to find the right chemicals for your spas maintenance. With countless options and few employees who know barely anything about the product, why bother shopping in store? It usually leads to purchasing the wrong product or paying more for something you don’t need.

With, you can purchase from a selection of carefully formulated chemicals to assist you in your spa maintenance. The products available are all that you need and include:

  • Alkalinity Plus – A product that increases the alkalinity of spa water which is crucial to pH control and prevention of corrosion
  • Hardness Plus – Helps prevent foaming and hardness
  • pH UP and DOWN – helps regulate the pH balance of your water
  • Bromine and Chlorine Starter Kits – for all your spa maintenance needs
  • A variety of cleaners in sprays, foams or clarifiers depending on your preference

When you purchase online, you are able to join the Spa Maintenance Program which assists you with all your spa needs in a helpful guide. Some suggests offered by QCA Spas are:

  • Always add chemicals to spa water, never add water to chemicals
  • Add each chemical separately
  • Wait 15 minutes before adding any additional chemicals
  • Do not combine different chemicals before adding them to the spa water
  • Store chemicals according to the manufacturers label and keep out of reach of children
  • All chemicals, if not handled properly, are potentially dangerous

If you buy spa chemicals online, you will pay less because you are getting them straight from the factory. You are able to access a wide breadth of information concerning the chemical products which will make it easier for you to find what is right. There is less of a needless selection of products and what is available caters to what you actually need for spa maintenance. The convenience factor is also huge.  You can shop online anytime from the comfort of your home and have the chemicals and accessories delivered right to your door.

Forget the retail stores and get your spa chemicals online. Save your money and time.  Visit

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