Save Energy & Money By Replacing Your Old Spa Cover

Posted by on May 30, 2013

While we all want to enjoy the warm, bubbling waters of our spa hot tub for as long as possible, we certainly don’t want to have to spend more than necessary on utility bills to heat the water! For this reason, any means you can take to conserve energy should be done! This includes getting yourself a good quality spa cover to keep the heat in so you can hang on to a little more cash that you could be spending on inflated heating bills!  A thick cover is especially important if you live in a northern climate.

Not only will this help your pocketbook, but it will also help the environment. Any conservation of energy is beneficial for the earth.

buy spa cover onlineHeat has a tendency to rise – this is the main reason for the building and insulating attics in homes. Even with insulated walls, up to 85% of heat can be lost through the roof of a house. This same theory is applicable to your hot tub. Even with modern spa’s well-insulated shells and cabinets, there is still the potential to lose a lot of heat from the water through the “roof” of your spa – the cover! For this reason, you want to make sure to get an energy-conserving cover.

A poor quality spa cover will have very little R-value, which inevitably means heat and money wasted. By equipping your spa with a high quality cover, not only will you be conserving energy in heat, but you’ll also have a cover that will last you a long time. Good quality covers are resistant to water absorption, and they also enhance the esthetics of your hot tub. Of course, good maintenance and care for your cover will also affect its lifespan and how well it is able to retain the hot tub water’s heat.

Some cheaper hot tub covers may use a thinner vapour barrier that surrounds the foam core.  If this should fail or split open, the core will become waterlogged and the cover will become extremely heavy and unmanageable. Nevermind the smell and bacteria that will accumulate within such a cover, a waterlogged cover may be able to be repaired by unzipping the cover skin and letting the core dry out in the sun, but if the damage is done it may be time for a new cover.

Usually spa covers are replaced every 5-7 years or so depending on use.

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