Replace Your Refrigerator Water Filter in Oakville Canada

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Posted by on April 12, 2013

The fridge water filters are a great invention because they help purify tap water and are easily replaced.  The problem is, they seem to only last a few months epending on how much water is consumed in your household, even though the instructions say to replace them every 6 months.  Trips to different places around town can be time consuming, but in a last minute pinch it has to go on the to do list.

Buy discount refrigerator water filters online and save.

Front Base Grill for Fridge Water FilterFortunately, discount refrigerator filters are available online so it only takes a minute or two to order and they are delivered to your door.

Just one less thing to worry about.  1 hour of driving around, waiting in line or even finding that your filter is not in stock, or just click a few buttons on the computer and have it arrive within a few days.

Whether you own a Whirlpool, KitchenAid, Maytag, Amana, or JennAir fridge, you will find the filter you need online.


How to Replace a Refrigerator Water Filter

Replacing a fridge filter is as easy as locating and removing the old one and popping in the new one.

You can lay a small hand towel on the floor below the filter location (for refrigerators with in-grill filters in the outside base of the fridge).  Then turn the handle counterclockwise on the old filter and give it a little wiggle to get it out.  Take the handle off of the old filter and put it on the new filter.  Remember to remove the cap on the new filter and then slide the filter back into the housing and turn it to the right until it locks into place.

The filters come with stickers that you can put inside the fridge so you remember when to exchange it.

It is suggested to unplug the fridge when doing any work on it and then plug it back in when the work is done.

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