Reduce Stress with Massage Therapy

Posted by on March 28, 2012

Massage therapy has been around for thousands of years and is still used to this day to improve a person’s physical and emotional health. Massage therapy directly improves the muscular, circulatory, nervous and immune systems. Repeated massage therapy will help with any medical conditions, reduce stress, and better your quality of life.

Choosing a type of massage may seem difficult when you have never had a massage before. Here are the top 5 massages in the U.S. and Canada– and they are all a good starting point:

  • A very popular massage is the aromatherapy massage. This one uses an essential oil and is suited for someone with a lot of built up stress and emotion.
  • If you are someone with muscle tension, a hot stone massage is a great choice as it loosens the muscles.
  • The Shiatsu massage is also very popular, drawing similarities to acupuncture by using finger pressure.
  • If you are recovering from an injury, your best bet is the deep tissue massage, working the connective tissue and muscle.
  • One additional massage, which is also the most common type of massage, is the Swedish massage. This is a great choice if you have never had a massage as it uses long strokes and is gentle and relaxing.

Massage therapy has many health benefits and aims to do several things. It improves physical function, relieves and prevents pain, improves circulation, relaxes muscle tension and most importantly reduces stress. Stress is dangerous to one’s health, increasing your chances for certain medical conditions such as heart disease. With repeated massage therapy, people have stated that they have seen an improvement in their sleep patterns, and that they feel happier and relaxed. Massage therapy will also help with various medical conditions such as: insomnia, Parkinson’s, cancers, carpal tunnel, asthma, headaches, tendinitis, and the list goes on. Consult an Oakville massage therapist from your local spa and discuss the results you are hoping massage therapy will achieve.

Now is a great time to consider massage therapy. Start reducing your stress and improving your quality of life. It’s not too late to make a healthy new you!

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