Quality Pet Products for Your Pet

Posted by on November 5, 2013

personalized pet giftsIf you own a pet, you’ve probably struggled with big bags of dog food that are tough to keep sealed, and are just impossible to lug around. Dog food is expensive – the last thing you want is for it to go stale or for insects or rodents to infest it before your pet has had a chance to finish it. You want to provide your beloved pet with food that is fresh and healthy – not stale food that tastes like it’s been lingering around for months.

If you’ve been looking for the perfect food container for your pet, look no further. Paw Print Products have pet food containers that have the capability of storing dog/cat/horse/other pet food for long periods of time while keeping it fresh. The secret is in the air tight lids that sealthe container completely – preventing air, moisture or pests from invading. What you’re left with is fresh pet food that can stay stale-free for longer periods of time.

These containers are also made out of virgin plastic and are FDA food storage approved. You can be sure that the food stored in these containers made by Paw Print Products will be left safe and fresh. The sturdy metal handle also makes it easy to carry around from one spot to another, for easy transportation to the cottage, dog sitters or vacation.

Best of all, the food containers made by Paw Print Products can be customized! You can choose from different sizes and colors of containers that are most appropriate for your breed of pet as well as your taste in aesthetics. You can add your pet’s name and photo to truly create a highly personalized pet food container!

Paw Print Products was developed by pet owners who absolutely love their pets. This company strives to provide only the highest quality products for your pets. Since they too are pet owners, they appreciate the value that quality pet products provides for them and their beloved companions.

Go online today at PawPrintProducts.ca and get the personalized pet food container that makes a great and practical keepsake.  For less that the cost of a large bag of dog food, you can have secure storage of your pet’s food in a container with their name and photo on it.  Get your personalized pet gifts at www.PawPrintProducts.ca and have it delivered to your door – anywhere in North America!

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