QCA Spa Accessories

Posted by on June 27, 2012

A spa is a great addition to any home for a multitude of reasons: It adds to the value of a home, it serves as a vessel for hydrotherapy and relaxation, and a spa can function as a great place to relax with friends and family.

Could a personal spa get any better? Of course it can. If you are in the market for a spa, why not customize it to your preferences and broaden your experience. If you are interested in purchasing a spa and want to know more about the accessories available to you, here are some items that are popular among spa buyers:

Digitally controlled lights create color schemes and patterns to craft any desired effect. Whether you are interested in a relaxing night or a full out party – LED Lighting can set the mood. There are three different LED lighting types available:

The LED-D package is a factory installed LED light bulb that features 20 points of light to create your preferred effect. This package can be retrofitted to your existing spa, so you can simply exchange the white light bulb for an LED bulb on most any hot tub.

The LED-M package is available for high end models that include an LED spa light and 10 above water lights that encase the perimeter of the spa.

The LED-A package is the most luxurious available, which includes package M, a 4 inch main LED light and underwater lighting that surrounds selected jets, controls, and other spa features for the most inclusive spa experience. This even comes with cabinet down-lighting.

For most individuals, the key to a relaxing night or a truly great party is music. Picture yourself coming home from a long day’s work, getting into your spa for a relaxing soak, and listening to your favorite songs.

When you add VibraSound to your spa, you don’t just hear the music – you feel it. With this built-in music system, that includes four speakers, a transformer and a subwoofer, the sound reverberates through the shell of the hot tub, creating an all encompassing experience. For a more cost-effective option, the Wow Stereo System offers two waterproof speakers that are mounted into the cabinet of your spa so you can listen to your mp3 player as you soak. You can also have a patio stereo system nearby if your neighbors don’t mind loud music. The closer the music is to you, the less loud it needs to be played in order for you to enjoy it, so having it built right into the spa shell will allow you to feel the music while keeping a comfortable ambient sound level for the neighborhood.

Another popular addition is a Bromine Salt System Generator that maintains the clear water that you desire for your spa. Not only does the Bromine Salt system render your spa nearly maintenance free but through the process of recycling the salt levels, it saves you money. That is no work and less money – who could resist that? This system monitors itself through a self diagnostic control that is accurate, reliable and easy to understand. The use of bromine salt eliminates chemical smells and keeps the skin refreshed by preventing dryness.

There are many more additions one can add to create the ideal spa experience. You have a choice between flexible spa covers or hard tops, as well as a variety of entry steps in different PVC wood-look finishes. There are outdoor bar stools and tables to accessorize your backyard and towel trees to help you dry them out with ease.

Looking for an elaborate water display? Waterfalls from 4″ – 8″ and water fountains will add the extra wow factor to your spa experience. Lastly, who can forget the delightful aromatic scents that you typically use during baths? Well you can purchase them for your hot tub as well. Aromatherapy is available in an extensive variety of scents including berries, citrus’, musk’s and tranquil aromas to complete your mood. These specially formulated scents won’t clog up your spa filter or plumbing either.

Take advantage of ordering direct from the manufacturer and customize your spa for a complete hot tub experience. For more information on QCA Spas accessories, visit www.Hottuboutpost.com.

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