Prostate Recovery Treatment Options and HIFU Outpatient Procedures

Posted by on February 24, 2012

People who suffer from prostate cancer have a number of prostate cancer recovery treatment methods available. The amount of time that prostate cancer recovery takes depends on which procedure has been done. There are three effective treatment methods for prostate cancer. They include radiation therapy, surgery and an outpatient HIFU procedure. Radiation therapy and surgery has been shown to rid the body of cancer, but they can also lead to erectile dysfunction in many patients. Incontinence is another problem that is often reported when these types of treatments are used. Damage to the rectum area can also occur from radiation. Surgery can result in the destruction of many nerves.

Recovery times for prostate cancer patients are usually quick for individuals who choose to have an outpatient HIFU procedure. Treatment takes about one and a half to two hours and recovery is usually completed within four hours. No stay is required, but individuals should have someone there with them to drive the patient back and forth to the hospital. This treatment option uses heat to kill cells that it comes in direct contact with. As a result, bad cells are extinguished and new ones are formed that are healthier. It is a very precise technique.

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