Using Project Based Learning To Teach Business

Posted by on April 10, 2013

Project Based Learning for Business Class

Project Based LearningThe idea behind project based learning is for a student to learn the subject matter while working through a particular project. Students generally work within a small team, where they collectively gather information about the problem, assess their findings, and determine a solution to the problem based on their research.  They then present their findings and solutions. It is through this type of learning platform that students walk away with a greater understanding of their subject, and are able to further develop their critical thinking, problem solving and collaborative skills.

Project based learning isn’t a one-dimensional type of learning method that is strictly designed for one subject. Rather, this learning technique is usually language based, but can include a variety of subjects, including business. Students doing a business based learning project use hands on methods to develop their own solutions to problems using the resources available to them, which makes PBL an ideal tool to teach business concepts.

Units For Project Based Learning

For instructors looking for units that they can implement into their business class, has all the resources necessary. One such unit that can be successfully implemented into a business class setting is a unit called “Capital Idea”. This exciting business unit focuses on problem solving and critical thinking skills, which are vital tools needed in the corporate world.

Students involved in this Capital Idea unit will be responsible for researching the project, coming up with proposals to solve the issues, and work towards the development of a product with the assistance of their team members  Students must create and bring to market a usable product, using market research, data analysis, and business sense. Such experience in the classroom will set students up for success should they pursue a career in the corporate realm, or as entrepreneurs, as they grow into adults. – Project Based Learning Made Easy

At, the PBL units are made by teachers for teachers. They understand the potential challenge of implementing PBL in the classroom, and as such, have devised a vast library of units that are easy to implement thanks to the resources and administrative support provided. You’ll find that their complete, ready-to-download units – including the business-oriented “Capital Idea” unit – are highly adaptable to any classroom setting. Check out today and discover the amazing choices available at your fingertips for grades K-10!

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