Using Project Based Learning in Geography Class

Posted by on March 20, 2013

Implementing Project Based Learning in Your Classroom

project based learningModern project based learning has been around for a few decades, and has continuously evolved to centre more on students in the classroom. Through various problems and projects that are assigned, students are given the opportunity to dive deep into their subjects and utilize problem solving and critical thinking skills to come up with solutions.

Project Based Learning – Geography

PBL can be implemented in every subject, including geography. Most K-10 PBL units are language based, but can bring in other subjects- including geography, history, business and more. is your online resource for all units in PBL, that are tried, tested and ready to download.

One geography-based PBL unit in the library is “Have Passport Will Travel”, which involves students coming up with a solid itinerary for travel to domestic or international destinations. The extensive planning involved in such a project – such as keeping a budget and determining modes of transportation – will help teach students about other cultures and countries, while developing problem solving skills.  More importantly, it makes the other places more ‘real’ and the tasks they are doing more ‘useful’ than simply studying in a lecture-test based format.

The PBL units come complete with all the tools needed, yet allows a little room for teachers and instructors to add some resources of their own. Teachers going from ‘teaching’ to facilitating – as the onus changes from teachers teaching to students learning.  Teachers will be able to accurately assess the efforts of students with rubrics that are also included with this unit.

Making the Transition Simple

Teachers and instructors may find it challenging to plan and enact PBL into their classrooms without the proper support. For this reason, it’s important for instructors to seek out the support and administration from experienced sources that are seasoned in the realm of this type of teaching and learning structure.  Studies have shown better student engagement and information retention when teachers introduce project based learning to help their students grow intellectually.  PBL also helps students develop essential life skills – like problem solving and critical thinking.

The is your source for complete PBL units with full support for teachers, making the task of bridging the gap between the outside world and the classroom much simpler and more manageable. We provide teachers and instructors with the tools necessary to fully prepare to implement project based learning in their classroom. Try a unit today – there is no risk with the full money back guarantee!

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