Using Problem Based Learning Units For Improved Student Education

Posted by on December 19, 2012

PBL - problem based learningWhy Use Problem Based Learning Units?

Problem based learning is an educational tool that focuses more on the student’s learning of a particular subject rather than a typical teacher-based method of educating children. With problem based learning, children are involved in a collaborative effort with others through a project in order to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of that particular topic.

With the use of project based learning, students are able to not only learn about a specific subject, but also are able to develop skills that will carry them throughout their lives. Skills such as problem solving, listening and collaborating with others are developed with project based learning, which takes education much further than conventional memorization and note-taking.

Focusing on the Student’s Learning

Project based learning units involve assigning specific projects to students with a particular focus on a topic. These units are developed to spark critical thinking, and are designed to get the student to be highly engaged in the project with a hands-on approach. Through problem solving and collaboration, students learn the subject with a much more in-depth appreciation for the subject.

It is best to use units for problem based learning that are professionally developed and very refined. Readymade units are developed with the goal of engaging students and stimulating their minds and their interests. PBL units used for this innovative learning method are highly effective and efficient, and benefit both the teacher and the student. The attitudes that students develop towards their projects, their peers and their subjects are improved, which in turn boosts their learning capabilities as well as their feelings towards education.

Rather than simply memorizing text – which will most likely be forgotten for the most part after months of little use – information is retained to a great degree long after the lessons have been learned. With project based learning, students and teachers have a much more positive experience. has hand crafted, refined project based learning units that were made by teachers for the North American curriculum. The units are crafted for grades K-10 and are available to download and use right away. Get yours today and experience the amazing power of problem based education! Visit to buy these unique problem based learning units. All units are backed by a money back guarantee and are fully supported and tested.

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