Problem Based Learning and Home Schooling

Posted by on April 15, 2013

home school based projectsHome Schooling Using Problem Based Learning

Homeschooling is on the rise, as more and more parents continue to choose to educate their children in their own private home setting. The reasons for homeschooling vary, from concern over the school environment, to religious reasons, to dissatisfaction with the educational system’s academic offerings. Whatever the reason for deciding to home school, there are plenty of resources available for parents with home schooled students.

To be prepared for higher learning, it’s crucial that proper curriculums are incorporated so that children are following a consistent pattern of learning in order to stay competitive with students attending traditional classes.

However, homeschooling doesn’t necessarily have to follow conventional curriculums. There are many opportunities to add in new and exciting challenges that will appeal to the home schooled child. For instance, problem based learning units are showing up in homeschooling classrooms across North America, just as they are in typical classroom settings. Problem based learning takes a different approach to both teaching and learning, and students generally become much more deeply engaged in their work than they are when following a typical lesson unit.

Some parents even choose to home school their children as a form of supplementary learning on top of their regular classes in school.  This may be called tutoring or homework supplementation, but it is still a form of home schooling designed to increase the depth of exposure to chosen subjects.

For those parents who understand the advantages that problem based learning provides for their children, finding appropriate and valuable PBL units to teach can sometimes be a challenge. Some units may be challenging to implement, and creating projects from scratch can be daunting and time consuming.

Home Schooling PBL Units

The PBL Superstore solves these issues by providing teachers and parents with easily accessible, ready to use PBL units that are simple to implement and quick to access. We have designed units that are grade specific and appropriate for use in homeschools or traditional classrooms. The small group dynamic of homeschools is perfect for problem based learning.  Adding a new project to the usual curriculum helps to revitalize lessons by including fun and interesting projects that also help students engage in effective teamwork.

Readymade home schooling PBL units that are quickly and easily accessible and simple to implement is a great benefit for the home schooling parents.  The PBL Superstore has everything you could possibly need for your home school based projects, saving you both time and effort. Their units were developed by teachers who understand the importance of making education fun and motivational so that students are fully engaged in their learning process.

Browse the units on the today and get all the home school PBL units and lesson resources you need all in one website!

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