Keep Your Pet’s Food Fresh in an Airtight Container

Posted by on July 30, 2013

personalized pet products food container

How many times have you bought your pet good quality food in a huge bag, only to have it go stale after a while? How many times have you noticed insects and other critters trying to make their way into your pet’s food container? After all the money you spend on your pet’s food, the last thing that you want to happen is to have it go stale or get infested by unwelcomed ‘guests’. Instead, store your pet food in airtight pet food containers that will keep your furry friend’s food as fresh as possible for the longest time.

Paw Print Products has come up with an innovative storage container specifically constructed for your pet’s food. These containers are FDA approved, and are made out of the finest quality virgin plastic available. This means you can be sure that your pet food will be kept safe in an air tight container with a gamma seal lid, to prevent spillage.

One of the best features of these containers is that they are airtight. The lids that come with this food storage are made with top quality plastic that is cut to create the perfect seal around the container. These containers also come with sturdy metal handles that are tough enough to carry heavy loads of food, making for easy and convenient transportation.

personalized pet products food containerIf you’re looking for something a little more unique, you will really love these pet food containers since you can personalize them! Select the size you need depending on the size and breed of your pet (small or large). You can also select the color you desire – either red, white or blue. Put your beloved pet’s name on these airtight food containers, and even choose the font that you like. Then, for the ultimate in personalization, put a photo of your pet on the front of the container so no one will mistake who the container belongs to!  These personalized pet food containers are beautiful, practical and a great keepsake.

These not only make great food storage ideas for your pet’s food, but they also make great gifts for friends who have pets. Go online at and order your very own personalized pet products food container today!  These containers are not available in stores – only online at Paw Print Products Canada – with delivery to anywhere in the U.S. or Canada.

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