The Best Pet Gift – A Customized Pet Food Container!

Posted by on February 24, 2014

dog food storage containers Get the Best Pet Gift – A Customized Pet Food Container!

Do you often struggle to come up with good ideas for a pet lover? They’ve probably already seen all the toys, dog bones, and other typical gifts numerous times, so why not surprise them with something unique and practical – a customized pet food container!

Paw Print Products offer the best pet food containers in the business. They come in a variety of sizes, depending on the size and breed of your pet. If you’ve got a large breed, go for the 5 gallon container that will fit up to 26 pounds of food! For small breeds, smaller containers are offered that hold 18 pounds of dry food.

Paw Print Products dog food storage containers are made with the highest quality plastic that is free of BPA and other harmful chemicals that can easily leach into food and contaminate it. The plastic is thick, and is able to protect the food from the effects of air and water, keeping your pet’s food fresher for longer. The air-tight lids that come with all containers further keep all this unwanted oxygen and humidity out, keeping your expensive pet food lasting longer!

Why Do These Containers Make a Great Gift?

customized pet food containerRather than just giving your pet, or your friends with pets, a plain old plastic food container, you can give them one with the name and photo of the pet as well! Imagine the look of surprise and joy on your friends’ faces when they unwrap a food container that’s got their furry friend’s name, photo ora cute little saying on it! The font can be chosen to your liking, and even the color can be selected as well!  They offer colors in red, whiteand blue!  It is easy to upload a photo and order online.  The pet food buckets can be shipped anywhere in the US or Canada.

Go online at today and order your fully customized pet food container! It really makes the best pet gift!

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