PBL – Problem Based Learning For the Innovative Educational Platform

Posted by on December 14, 2012

Shifting the Focus to the Student’s Learning Experience

The traditional educational system is centrally focused on a particular curriculum that all students involved in the school participate in. Generally speaking, school curriculums are revolved around teachers who are required to teach specific subjects, with specific subject matter for students to memorize and learn.

Why Use PBL- Problem Based Learning?

problem based learningInstead of simply scratching the surface with conventional learning and teaching methods, with students essentially just taking notes on subject matter after which they are tested on the information they retain through these particular lessons, project based learning works somewhat differently. For many students, conventional teaching and learning methods aren’t engaging, as the information initially learned is quickly lost shortly afterwards.

With problem based learning, students are required to take an active role while trying to solve a problem. This is facilitated through assigning a project of interest, in which students work collaboratively with other peers in order to complete the project and make a presentation.

The difference with this type of student learning is that problem solving and critical thinking skills are engaged and developed. Rather than teaching students lessons that very theoretical, problem based learning teaches students skills that are necessary to be successful in life as an adult. PBL bridges the gap between the classroom and real life and provides a guideline for students to develop their problem solving skills.

The projects that are worked on as a student group allow each participant to develop a deep understanding and interest in their work, which gives them a sense of pride in what they are accomplishing. When a student has a greater interest and understanding in their work, they are more likely to retain that information long after the project is completed in school.  Studies show that students doing PBL projects are more engaged, motivated and involved.

In order to utilize PBL- problem based learning in the classroom, teachers need the support of highly refined and outlined units that are developed specifically by experts in the industry. PBLSuperstore.com has a wide array of units that are ready for use for grades K-10 for a unique and advanced learning experience!

For more information on what project based learning is and how it can be highly useful in your classroom, visit www.PBLSuperstore.com today, and get access to ready-to-use, quality learning units for your educational setting.

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