Owning a Heritage Home in Toronto: an Asset Worth Protecting

Posted by on March 27, 2012

Toronto heritage homes are some of the most sought after and interesting properties in the city. Heritage homes showcase the diversity and history of our city and add that extra special charm to any neighbourhood. Whether you are selling, buying, or renovating, heritage homes require a certain type of expertise. Jim Carcone, of Carcone Construction has worked on many older homes throughout the city over the past 25 years: “Heritage homes require special care and skill to renovate and repair. Many are attached to other old homes and must be handled with care. They key to renovating older homes is safety, beauty and functionality.” Carcone strongly advises hiring a company that has a history with heritage home restoration: “Heritage homes in Toronto have a special charm and value. Don’t trust your historic home to just anyone – experience matters!” Your house is  your most important investment and older homes can really show their age when it comes to plumbing issues, old wiring, worn support beams and floors.

All it takes is one accident to jeopardize your house – it is important to take care of an older home to make sure you feel safe and the home meets safety standards.  If you are looking for more space but don’t want to compromise the history of your home, a professional can handle your delicate renovation with both the knowledge of historical homes and the architecture of its era.

Consider adding an additional story to keep the original structure intact or adding space for a larger kitchen – creating room and more functionality in your home. Home owners are realizing the value of staying put and renovating over the hassles and cost of moving in the city. Save the extra money you would spend on real estate and lawyer fees and get that extra bathroom you always wanted. Add an office or an extra bedroom or even a balcony to a second story – the possibilities are endless.  Looking for more light? Add a sunroom or go straight for some sky lights – you can never go wrong with opening up your home to natural light. Don’t take your chances when renovating a Toronto heritage home; stick with the professionals and your vision will remain safe.

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