There Are Other Options to Divorce Court

Posted by on March 14, 2014

Going through a divorce is never easy – not on the couple themselves nor their immediate family members. If separation is imminent, it’s always wise to get the appropriate parties in place to help you get through this challenging time. Luckily, divorce doesn’t always have to get ugly – there are other options.

Avoiding Nasty Divorce Proceedings

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Divorce proceedings that are dragged through the courts can often get quite nasty, with both sides going to great lengths to protect their needs. Often such court proceedings can go on for months, and even years, leaving all parties emotionally and financially exhausted and the ruling out of their control. There are other options available.

Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediation is a viable approach for those who are separated and want to end their marriage in a constructive manner where they maintain some control and dignity. Mediation is a problem solving approach that helps the couple sever their marriage amicably and respectfully, without having to resort to letting a judge handle all the details and decisions. This voluntary, confidential approach to divorce utilizes a third party who acts as the Mediator, who will help both sides work through all their issues in a calm and respectful manner.

A Mediation Agreement is signed by all parties, after which the participants identify the issues that need to be worked through and settled, including the joint home, business assets, child custody, and spousal support. The Mediator offersoptions to resolve such issues so each side can have their say. This is a much more positive approach to divorce as compared to traditional court proceedings.

Divorce Mediation Ontario

Diane Daly is a highly experienced divorce lawyer in the GTA and surrounding area and has helped countless clients sever their marriage respectfully. Diane is a divorce mediator Oakville that assists couples through the process of separation, allowing them to be in control over the issues rather than leave them in the hands of a judge.

If you are headed for divorce, consider divorce mediationin Ontario.Diane Daly has over 20 years’ experience in helping separating couples move on to a better tomorrow. Call Diane’s team today at (905) 844-5883.

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