Opting for Rent to Own Homes in Newmarket

Posted by on June 11, 2013

Rent to Own Programs – Helping People Become Home Owners

Owning a home is one of the largest investments that a person will make in their lifetime. Investing in real estate – whether for profit or as a prime residence – is one of the most sound methods of building equity and financial wealth, as well as developing security and a place to call home.

rent to own homes NewmarketHowever, many Canadians struggle to meet the criteria necessary to own a home. The strict policies and rules involved in obtaining a mortgage in order to purchase a home can prove to be difficult for many who don’t qualify. Those who have a bruised credit, or haven’t accumulated enough of a down payment to be approved for a conventional mortgage may find themselves struggling to ever become homeowners.

The good news is that there are alternatives to the traditional method of becoming a homeowner. With a rent to own homes Newmarket program, you can essentially work your way to home ownership by “renting” a home, in which some portion of the monthly rent payments go towards building equity in the property. You  will have the option to purchase the home after a specified period of time at an agreed upon price when the rent to own contract comes to an end.  If home prices go up, any increase in value above your agreed upon price is additional equity you have earned on the home – before you even purchased it!  By paying your monthly payments on time, you can also improve your credit score to qualify for great mortgage rates when you do take over the home.

Why Wait to Own Your Dream Home?

You may be in a position where you simply don’t have the funds necessary for an adequate down payment, or the credit required to satisfy most conventional lenders. In these situations, many people choose to rent for years until they are financially capable to carrying a mortgage.

Why wait? With a reputable rent to own homes program, you can live in your dream home today! Start building equity in your home right away and enjoy the benefits of enjoying your very own home, while improving your credit with every monthly payment made towards the plan.

Let the Experts Help

One of the best lease to own programs is offered through Sandstone Management. They have the skills and the know-how to help you qualify and move into your very own home today. Their team of experts will analyze your specific situation, and help you become a ‘homeowner in training’ on your way to financial security. They will pre-qualify you so you can start looking for a home in your price range. With their home inspections, real estate knowledge and financing, they can help you avoid first time buyer mistakes and get you on the road to home ownership.

Call a member of Sandstone Management today at (905) 235-0841 and be a home owner sooner rather than later!  Learn more at: www.sandstonemanagement.ca.

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