Opting For A Collaborative Approach to End a Marriage

Posted by on March 31, 2014

Collaborative Family Law

Oakville collaborative family lawyerDivorce is never an easy process for anyone involved, however, it can be dealt with in a more amicable and reasonable way. Often divorce proceedings through the courts can get messy, and have a detrimental emotional effect on the separated couple as well as any children involved. Rather than leaving decisions for dissolving a marriage up to a judge, consider Collaborative Family Law as an option.

If both parties can communicate rationally with each other, Collaboration can be a more peaceful way to dissolve the marriage so the couple has more control over the process of separation to resolve issues satisfactorily. This type of approach encourages cooperation and open communication between parties in the best interests of long-term commitments and moving on to a better tomorrow.

The voluntary process of Collaborative Family Law requires all parties, including the Oakville collaborative family lawyer from each party, to sign a Participation Agreement which binds everyone involved in the process of collaboration for the termination of the marriage. This helps to make sure that all parties and lawyers remain committed to negotiating successfully.  The collaborative family lawyer helps the parties come to terms in the separation agreement, protecting the interests of the children and couple going forward.

If it is decided later by one of the divorcing spouses that divorce court is how they want to proceed, then everyone who entered upon the Participation Agreement must agree and withdraw from the process.

If you are in the process of separating and are looking to divorce, but would prefer not to take it to court, Collaborative Family Law may be a viable option for you. Diane Daly at Daly Law is an experienced Oakville divorce lawyer who assists couples in reaching a divorce as amicably and rationally as possible through the use of Collaborative Family Law. Diane has the credentials and over 26 years of experience helping divorcing couples to reach a settlement that everyone can be satisfied with.

Other options to avoid divorce court include mediation, arbitration and negotiation. Visit ww.OakvilleLaw.ca today and find out all the options you have when it comes to ending your marriage peacefully and preparing for a new chapter.  You can also reach Diane’s team at (905) 844-5883 to book a consultation.

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