Obesity Rising in Canada

Posted by on September 15, 2011

The obesity epidemic continues in Canada with Statistics Canada showing that almost 60% of our total population is considered overweight or obese.  Unfortunately, weight problems are no longer just a concern for adults.  Canadian kids are getting fatter with over 26% considered overweight or obese.  This is the result of inactivity along with unhealthy eating habits.  According to the Active Healthy Kids Report, almost 90% of Canadian kids are not getting enough physical activity.  Our youth spend more than 40 hours per week are spent in front of a screen.

Obesity is the main risk factor for chronic disease.  1 in 5 Canadian adults have high blood pressure or hypertension.  One significant factor causing increased blood pressure is high sodium content in the diet.  Reducing sodium can help combat hypertension and the associated cardiovascular disease.  The most common diagnosis by physicians in Canada is high blood pressure, and it is also the leading risk factor for death in the world.    More and more kids are also starting to be diagnosed with adult diseases and health problems due to their excessive weight and poor diet.

More than 3 million Canadians suffer from diabetes.  By 2020, this number is expected to reach 3.7 million.  Worldwide, there is an estimated 285 million people effected, with an additional 7 million developing diabetes each year.  90% of that is type 2 diabetes, often caused by poor diet, inactivity and excess weight.

Two tween girls from Oakville have been doing their part to try to encourage kids from around the world to eat better and get off the couch.  Their website and youtube videos have generated more than 19 million views, as they teach kids fun ways to be active.  Katrina and Sloane, the hosts, show other kids that ‘fit is fab’ with their fun dance routines, kids fitness and nutrition tips for healthy living.  You can visit their website at: www.FitForaFeast.com.

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