Oakville Population Grows over 10% in the Last 5 Years

Posted by on February 11, 2012
Oakville Ontario Canada

Oakville Ontario Canada

Oakville is a growing community with over 190,000 residents and counting. The G.T.A. grew over 5 per cent from 2006 to 2011 with a population of over 5.6 million (not including Oshawa). The city of Toronto has 2.6 million now which is more than Calgary and Edmonton combined. Milton was the largest growing community in the entire region.

Toronto, Montreal and Vnacouver make up about 1/3 of the Canadian population.

With the construction of the New Oakville Hospital, the area will be poised for even further growth. The hospital’s first phase is scheduled for completion in 2014 with more development planned north of Dundas. The Towne has been keeping up with lane widening as was recently completed on Bronte Road, Upper Middle Road and Dundas. Further construction is currently underway along Dundas.

The challenge is to avoid overcrowding by planning smartly. Some developers already have the upper hand in Oakville as they cram townhouse upon townhouse with little care for where visitors to those townhouses should park as can be seen in the area of Bronte Road and Upper Middle Road. There is one particular street in that development that has no street lights at all, is managed by the developer who has declared the entire road a fire lane.

Avoid the $100 cost to visit a friend in Oakville – maybe take your bike instead or stay at home :(.  The reason given for the designation of fire lanes throughout these new communities is that the road is not wide enough, so this community just went up, planned on a dirt field,  but now we find out the road is not wide enough? This is very poor planning boarding on greedy development. How can this happen in this day and age with all of the emphasis on planning? So now what happens is some poor citizen drives into an unlit neighborhood and parks along the road by others who also parked there to get a $100 fire lane ticket with no sign anywhere near the curb. I have heard this story many times as a blogger and it looks like a cash grab with nobody taking any responsibiilty, so the unassuming motorist keeps paying hundred dollar bills for poor planning. Come on Oakville, at least give them a sign!

But I digress. Oakville, other than the occasional planning hitch above, is still a very desirable community to live and work in.

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