Oakville Girls Promote Fitness

Posted by on May 15, 2012

Oakville girls for fitness run 5kOakville girls are organizing to promote the benefits of fitness at a young age.  These girls just completed a 5k run and this is the 10th year the event is held.

Fitness for girls is very important to start at a young age. But even those that decide they are going to lead fitter lives going forward, it is also never too late to start. Granted you won’t go from couch to 5k in a day, but with steady exercise and mobility comes steady improvement and the desired results.  Start by walking and then increasing the length of the walks along with stretching exercises.  Light jogs come next and eventually, the body starts to feel better from the activity.

“Girls from Blades, Forder, Oakville, Point and Wohlwend Elementary Schools raced in the annual Girls on the Run 5K Saturday. Girls in elementary school trained twice a week for 10 weeks for the 5K.”

Whether you are a budding dancer, gymnast or other athlete, go at your own pace – the key is regular activity.

The girls at fitforafeast.com promote fitness through dance and gymnastics, and you can do almost any activity like play volleyball, swimming, tennis or other sport that gets you up and active for a good amount of time.  Don’t rely on just the PE class in schools as they are the bare minimum of any kind of exercise – and some activities are less than challenging there.

Have fun doing your favourite activity!

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