Niagara Falls Daredevil to Walk Across the Falls June 15, 2012

Posted by on May 22, 2012

Nik Wallenda to Walk Across Niagara Falls June 15Nik Wallenda is not disheartened by one recent person’s unannounced 50 metre plunge into the Falls. (This person lived!)

Nik does not plan on getting wet during his walk across Niagara Falls which may last 45 minutes or so.  The date is June 15, 2012 and, weather permitting, he will make his attempt after much careful planning and testing.   Nik is no novice when it comes to walking in high places. Recently,  he has bicycled across cables that were hung between hotel towers, he was monkeying around on the  “wheel of death” which is attached to a 23-storey Las Vegas hotel and hung by his jaw from a flying helicopter.   He loves and lives for the excitement.

It seems the television network is making him wear a safety device so they don’t have to keep their finger on the black out button during the slightly delayed live broadcast. (They don’t want to show viewers if he slips and falls into the Falls).

Normally, the area that previous walks across the Falls have occured is narrower and actually part of the Nigara River gorge which is downstream of the Falls.  After awhile, this was banned and no further attempts were made until now.

Once he does this, he will probably do the Grand Canyon next!

The June 15th Niagara Day Tour is booking up fast, and Niagara Falls should be more crowded than usually on that day as spectators gather from around the world to witness this daredevil feat in person.

Good luck Nik!  May the breeze stay soft. (remember to wear sunscreen!)




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