Mortgage Help for the Self-Employed

Posted by on September 9, 2013

self-employed mortgage OakvilleAre You Self-Employed? Are You Having a Tough Time Getting Approved For a Mortgage?

If you’re self-employed and have been having trouble getting approved for a mortgage for a greater Toronto home because you just don’t have all the paperwork and financial documents that big banks want to see, then you’re probably frustrated by the whole process and may be close to giving up your dreams of home ownership. Don’t throw in the towel just yet – there are a lot more choices out there for you when it comes to mortgage approvals, even for the self-employed who may not necessarily have the income documentation that typical employees have.

How a Seasoned Mortgage Broker is Different

A lot of people who need a mortgage to pay for their home may automatically head to their local bank branch. Unfortunately, big banks typically have extremely stringent requirements when it comes to approving borrowers for a mortgage. People such as those with bad credit or who are self-employed will most likely find themselves out of luck when dealing with these banks.

Instead, call on an independent mortgage broker to get your self-employed mortgage Oakville. Brokers work differently than banks – they have your best interests in mind. They deal with banks as well as a multitude of other lenders including finance companies, credit unions and even private lenders.  You fill out one application and then they shop your mortgage over lenders across Canada, finding who is willing to approve you for a mortgage, along with the mortgage terms and a competitive interest rate. They have access to many lending products often unavailable to the general public.  Best of all, their services cost you nothing but could save you thousands!

Go with an Experience Mortgage Professional

Marcelle Tiqui is an experienced mortgage professional with House of Mortgage Experts who specializes in bad credit and self-employed mortgages. She’s been in the business long enough to know all the ins and outs of the business, and will streamline the entire process for you. If you need a self employed mortgage in the Hamilton-Toronto region, give Marcelle a call at (905) 208-7070 today!

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