Learning a Musical Instrument has Many Benefits for Oakville Kids

Posted by on August 9, 2011

A new survey by XM Canada – Leger marketing says that kids who learn a musical instrument are more likely to go further in school.  Seven of the 10 adults surveyed said that learning an instrument had a positive effect on their lives and helped them do better in school.  In addition to improved academics, the poll reflected that other benefits included increased mental focus, heightened creativity and better self confidence.  Those that learned to play an instrument were also more likely to go to college or university than those who didn’t.

Developing a love for music and the talent to perform it yourself is an opportunity every child should have.  The government is showing its support for the importance of music lessons with the newer tax credit (which had previously only been available for sports and fitness).

The most popular instrument that Canadians learn as children is piano (31%) followed by flute (18%) and guitar (15%).  Many kids continue to play the instrument as adults and consider it a fun and relaxing hobby.  Many kids also dream of a career in music and feel pride when they can play in school talent shows or public performances.

Oakville is home to many fine music schools, including the Oakville Academy of Music.  Conveniently located  on Speers Road near Fourth Line, the Academy offers music lessons in piano, guitar, violin, flute, drums, voice, Celtic fiddle and saxophone.  They also offer opportunities for kids (young and old) to play together in rock bands, ensembles, choir and orchestra.  You can contact the Academy of Music at (905) 845-1227.

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