Kids Can Learn Hip Hop Dance Online

Posted by on August 13, 2013

Kids have so much energy, and parents are always trying to come up with ways to keep them busy and occupied, as well as having fun. At the same time, fitness can help them develop some skills and get some good exercise too. Parents would much rather have their children doing something productive and healthy to pass the time, instead of them sitting in front of the TV or playing endless hours of video games.  Working parents don’t always have the time or means to enroll their kids in expensive sports or dance classes.

online hip hop lessonsThe solution? Online dance lessons! These hip hop lessons are the perfect activity for kids, tweens and teens. As the most popular form of dance in schools, at parties, concerts, etc. online hip hop lessons can be a great way for your kids to learn this popular dance form. The music is fun, the moves are athletic, and the coordination and skills that they learn from such lessons are tough to match.

A new site, called, has a unique format and membership.  For a low one-time fee, your child can access a vast library of videos that provide lessons for beginners to intermediate levels. Each time they sign on, they can choose their warm up, pick their lessons to learn and then try putting them together in a combo.  Unlike a DVD that has the same set of lessons and gets boring over time – this format allows teens to set their own pace and vary the lessons.  They can practice as long as they want or for a short time when they don’t have a whole hour.

Learning online has many advantages. First of all, you don’t have to worry about travelling to inconvenient locations in order for your child to have a short lesson. Often the drive to the dance studio is longer than the lesson itself!  Sometimes it is difficult to find a quality studio and teachers nearby. The dancers on Hip Hop Crusher are some of the best dancers and teachers in the industry.

Another reason to consider online learning is the fact that your child can set your own schedule – learn whenever they feel like it, and schedule their lessons around important things like homework and family time!

And of course, there is no comparison to the difference in cost! These online lessons cost a fraction of the cost of traditional in-studio dance lessons.  A one-time fee, less than one private lesson, gives them unlimited online lessons.

Whether your child is just starting out or is just looking to brush up on their skills, is the perfect place to learn hip hop – with clean moves and music.

Visit today and discover why your child will love learning hip hop online! If you sign up now, you can get your first lesson for free!

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