Join a Competitive Dance Program Burlington

Posted by on July 30, 2012

Dance is a wonderful sport that engages the body, mind and soul of the performer to bring them altogether in an inspiring and invigorating performance. There are many levels of dance that the aspiring dancer can partake in, including recreational, leisure, and competitive. For those who are serious about dance and have a great passion for it, then perhaps a competitive program is the perfect choice. Dancers who dream about becoming professional dancers in the entertainment industry can join a competitive dance program Burlington, such as the one at Creative Edge Dance Studio. Here, aspiring dancers will gain all the knowledge and expertise necessary to break into the professional dance realm.

Competitive Dance Classes at Creative Edge

Dancers who are interested in becoming a part of the competitive program at Creative Edge must audition first in order to be accepted into the program. Dancers must show their abilities and dedication to the sport in order to be considered as a talent in the professional and competitive realm. Once dancers have been accepted, they will be placed in competitive groups according to levels of ability and age.

Commitment is of utmost importance. Competitive dancers must be willing to put forth a great level of commitment in order to sustain this high level of training. There are many competitions that dancers are able to participate in every year in order to gain experience competing against other aspiring dancers. Friends and family can also see the progress of the dancers at the pre-season show and year end recital.

Costumes are a required component of the competitive program. Dancers must show up for class wearing the appropriate attire, including proper shoes. For performances, proper makeup and accessories are also required, and dancers are taught how to apply makeup and groom hair for stage appearances.

Dancers in the competitive dance program at Creative Edge in Burlington are trained by professional instructors, and will gain key skills necessary to be successful as a high level dancers to join a university program or go on to become a professional dancer in the entertainment industry. Aside from dance skills, students are also taught important traits such as time management, sportsmanship and teamwork, which are all taught in a positive environment.

If you are serious about becoming a professional dancer, get in touch with Creative Edge Dance Studio today and begin your journey!  Call (905) 220-0741 to schedule an audition or visit for information on workshops and open classes.

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