Improve Your Credit and Get a Mortgage in Alberta

Posted by on November 9, 2012

Getting Approved For a Mortgage with Bad Credit

For most homebuyers in Alberta, getting approved for a mortgage is essential for them to realize their dreams of becoming a home owner. Most traditional lenders require their borrowers to have top notch credit, a big down payment and a positive financial history in order to approve a mortgage loan for a home purchase. Considering how strict these stipulations tend to be, many hopeful homebuyers with less than perfect credit scores will often get turned down for a mortgage.  This is especially true since the tightening of the credit requirements in Canada.

Luckily, independent mortgage brokers are often able to help these homebuyers get approved for a bad credit mortgage Alberta. Even those with poor credit can get the mortgage they need to buy the home of their dreams with the help of an independent mortgage broker. These professionals have access to lenders across Canada, many of which specialize in loaning capital to borrowers with poor credit.

If the banks have turned you down for a mortgage due to your questionable financial past, there is still hope. Expert mortgage brokers, like Jim Black and his award winning team at Mortgage Loans Alberta, are  usually able to secure a bad credit mortgage in Alberta for those who would normally be turned down by the big banks. With all the lenders that they work with across the country, they will be able to find a lender that will provide you with the mortgage you need, despite your credit history.

Working For You, Not the Banks

Jim Black and his team are dedicated to helping homebuyers achieve their dreams of owning a home. They will sit down with you and gather all pertinent information about your financials in order to customize a mortgage package specifically tailored to your situation. Not only will they help you get the mortgage you need, but they can help you improve your credit score.

As independent mortgage brokers, Jim and his team work for you, not the lenders. As such, their opinions are unbiased, and their priorities lie on your behalf. When you have poor credit and are looking to secure a mortgage, call Jim Black and his team at Mortgage Loans Alberta today and secure the mortgage you need to buy the home of your dreams!  Call them at (877) 394-9422.

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