Get Your Hot Tub From the Best Spa Manufacturer

Posted by on December 5, 2012

After deciding to purchase a hot tub to become part of your home, you want to make sure you are buying a tub that is of high quality, and will provide you with all the comfort and hydrotherapy that you need. In order to ensure you are purchasing a spa that will last, your best bet is to buy from a reputable manufacturer that has been building and supplying spas to consumers for a long time, and has a credible track record. One such reputable spa manufacturer is QCA Spas Inc., who is one of the best spa manufacturer and suppliers around.

Leaders in Innovation

QCA Spas has been a leader in spa manufacturing since 1966, and during those 46 years in the business, they have been engineering the most advanced aquatic technology. The hydrotherapy seats that are built into their spas provide occupants with an optimal massage experience. Guests are able to easily control the type of massage they are getting thanks to the soft-touch electronic control centers. The jets are strategically placed along each contoured seat to target key pressure points along your body that require tension relief. You can control the type of massage you receive – whether it’s a soothing, relaxing massage, or a more intense, invigorating hydrotherapy session.

The pumps, blowers and heaters are not only high quality and high functioning, but they are also energy efficient. The high-flow water pumps efficiently maintain maximum water flow, and provide each jet with equal water pressure. Enjoy the silence of the air-induction system with the air turbo pump. The system is also adjustable to ten different levels with the simple touch of a button. All QCA Spas are also equipped with 4 kW energy-efficient switch heaters for comfortable water temperature.

Quality of Construction and Materials

QCA Spas only manufactures spas and hot tubs that are of the highest quality in material and construction, which is another reason why they are one of the best spa manufacturers in the USA. Their spas feature some of the deepest and most durable shells in the industry. The shells are made with Lucite acrylic, which is a non-porous material that is stain-resistant. Its incredible durability allows it to withstand years of wear and tear, and is resistant to denting, chipping and cracking. In addition, this material is able to stay shiny despite exposure to sunlight, sanitizing chemicals and very high temperatures. Not only will this material last for years, but it is virtually maintenance-free. Not only are the shells made with top quality acrylic, but their actual construction is made to last. Each QCA Spas shell is constructed using a four-layer strengthening process for strength and integrity.

Energy Efficient

QCA Spas use an energy-efficient water recycling system to reduce heat and energy lost to evaporation. The heat that is produced is contained, recycled, and reused. As water moves through the lines and draws air with it, the air is then taken from the pocket within the cabinet, recycled, and then used to warm the water in the jets and maintain the water temperature. This energy-efficient heating system saves both energy and money on operating costs.  This is particularly important for people that live in Northern climates.

Range of Models

Whatever your budget and requirements, there is a QCA Spa that is perfect for you!  If you want a full hydrotherapy hot tub, there Paradise series comes with more than 200 jets, programmable moving massage and head to toe aqua therapy.  There are also budget models and sizes to fit 2-8 people.  You can even customize your spa by adding a built in sound system or mood-setting LED lights.

A Manufacturer You Can Trust

QCA Spas Inc. is a USA-based company that has been operating out of their Iowa plant for over 4 decades, so you can be confident in their pride of American craftsmanship. They stand by their products, and are so convinced of their quality that they offer consumers up to a 10 year warranty on parts of their spas, including the shell. In addition, if you order online through they offer a free shipping policy to allow their consumers to benefit with additional savings. Discover the difference in top quality hot tubs with QCA Spas.

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