Home Solar Plant Can Reduce Dependence on Hydro

Posted by on March 17, 2013

Having your own solar generator at home can reduce the amount of electricity needed from Hydro and the power companies.   Sometimes these solar generators can be built at home for around $100 so they don’t need to cost thousands.   One offering is the DIY  Solar Stirling Plant!  Use the sun to create free electricity using this or other renewable energy device.

Solar energy OakvilleSave money on your Hydro bill from Day 1.  The Stirling plant harnesses the power of the sun to produce clean, renewable energy. This is a simple, efficient design that everyone can use. This uses a parabolic dish technology that is low to implement.

The output is unmatched from solar panels and wind turbines which cost more.  This is cheaper and easier to build, no cost to operate and superior to regular panels.   The system runs quietly and the materials to build it for about $100 can be found anywhere in the world. Instructions are simple step by step with pictures and diagrams to make the building process quick and easy.

Independence from Hydro?  It may be possible sooner than you think with this and other similar products coming to market.

Doris uses Solar



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