Holidays are Here – Is Your Cat Peeing on the Carpet?

Posted by on November 30, 2011

Holidays can be a great time to spend with family and friends, but that cute little resident kitty of yours may be deciding to lift its tail and ruin your holiday plans because it may be insulted, or even just stressed from all of the pre-holiday hustle and bustle.

For residents of Oakville, Burlington and Missisauga, call the expert urine stain remover: and leave your home smelling fresh for holiday guests. You can deal with the perpetrator later!

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Does your cat have accidents on your carpet?

Maybe they are not accidents at all. Cats can be upset or irritated, or older cats may simply have trouble with their bladders. Most times it is younger cats marking their territory or even offering up a little payback as a disgruntled pet.

What is important is to reclaim your home and keep it fresh and clean smelling so you can enjoy it rather than being mad at the perpetrator!



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