The History of Hip Hop Dance

Posted by on May 29, 2013

hip hop dance lessons onlineThe Popularity of Hip Hop Dance

It’s no secret that hip hop has taken the dance scene by storm. You see it in just about every music video, and dance studios all over the country are offering classes that seem to get filled up by the minute.  It has gone from the fringe to being part of main street dance competitions as well. It may also be well-known that the origins of hip hop go back to “ghetto-like” settings where street corner performers danced up a storm and simply moved to the funky beat of that particular time. What is the history of hip hop dance?

Origins of Hip Hop

Back in the early 1970’s, young and athletic African-Americans began performing now-popular hip hop dance moves on the street corners of the Bronx, NYC. These New York block parties often hosted young talented dancers who were simply moving to the funky beat that was gaining in popularity at the time. Funk and soul music were all the rage in these communities, and it seems as though it was this funky, heavy-beat music that inspired the birth of hip hop dance.

Popular Hip Hop Dance Moves

Some of the original hip hop dance moves involved “breaking“, “popping“, and “locking“, which involve an incredible amount of athleticism, strength, coordination, agility, and just pure talent. The world had never seen such an incredible version of dance until hip hop came around. The history of hip hop dance took off from these early 1970’s NYC street corner scenes, and have paved the way to one of the most successful and sought-after dance genres of our time.

Learning Hip Hop For Yourself

Have you ever considered learning a few hip hop moves yourself? Well, you’re not alone. Due to the sheer popularity of the dance genre – which has made its way into other styles of dance and music along the way – many people have shown a desire to learn a few moves.

One convenient way to learn a move or two is to check out some online hip hop dance lessons, such as those shown on You’ll be able to learn from your own living room, at your own pace, and at a fraction of the price of a dance studio! Not only that, but you’ll be learning from 10 of the best dance choreographers and instructors.

The course was designed for teens/tweens although anyone can learn beginning hip hop with this course.  The music and moves are ‘clean’, making them appropriate for schools, camps, organizations, studios and parents buying the course.  For make less than the cost of one private lesson, you get access to over 60 lessons, plus combos, 4 warm ups and a master class.  You choose the moves you want to learn and how long you want to make your session.  With close ups on the foot work, different angles and detailed instruction, you will find it easier to learn than you thought.

Learn new moves and old style grooves, popping, locking, house and breaking. Visit today and see what it’s all about!

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